Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3042 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3042 By verygoodnovel-The afternoon’s activities had started after a brief break.

After Hayden finished his speech, he and Joanna came out of the hotel.

“Are you really going shopping?” Joanna asked, “Do you usually have a habit of taking a lunch break?”

“I haven’t booked a room.” Hayden said, “If you want to sleep, you can open a room.”

Hayden said the word “open room.”, but it didn’t make people think crooked at all.

Joanna shook her head: “I slept well in the car, I’m afraid you’ll be tired.”

“I’m not tired.” When Hayden realized he had no office work to do today, he felt very calm.

“Then let’s go shopping!” Joanna said with a smile, “See if there are any good-looking souvenirs, and buy them back as gifts for everyone.”

Hayden responded.

He didn’t like shopping. Usually he was only willing to go shopping with his family, and he would never go shopping by himself.

But the feeling of shopping with Joanna now was similar to the feeling of shopping with his family before.

“What else did my mother tell you?” Hayden asked.

“Why don’t I show it to you?” Joanna took out her phone, “Auntie sent me a message.”

Joanna turned on the phone, clicked on Whatsapp, saw Juliette’s message on the top, out of curiosity, She clicked on it.

She saw the chat between Hayden and Juliette.

Joanna: “…”

Hayden said: “You fell asleep at that time. When I turned off the radio, I saw her message. I saw that she sent you a lot of messages, and she seemed very anxious. I was afraid that she would be worried, so I sent her a message back. “

Joanna was so embarrassed that her breath was burning hot: “Uh… Juliette has always spoken directly, don’t get me wrong… I didn’t want to do anything to you when I came out with you for team building.”

She said These words were because of seeing Juliette’s phrase ‘take him down’.

Juliette often said this to her.

It was nothing in private, but it was too embarrassing for Hayden to see it.

Hayden teased: “What do you think you can do to me?”

He never doubted that Joanna could do something extraordinary to him.

Joanna blushed, “I won’t do anything to you.”

“You are incapable of doing anything to me, right?” Hayden couldn’t help laughing, “Let me see what my mother told you.”

Joanna handed him the phone immediately.

He took the phone and clicked on the dialog box between her and his mother.

His mother would never send him such a long conversation, but her mother often sent Joanna very long texts.

“In my mother’s eyes, I’m an idiot in life.” After reading the messages, Hayden returned the phone to Joanna.

Joanna: “Auntie is worried about you.”

“Probably because I brought a babysitter when I was building a foreign team.” Hayden laughed at himself, “I really don’t know much about life.”

“It’s okay! As long as a person can do one thing well It’s amazing! Like small things in life, as long as you are willing to do them, you can learn them quickly. But I don’t think you need to learn them.” Joanna saw a small supermarket on the side of the road and walked over immediately, “Let’s go buy a bottle of water!”

Hayden took out his wallet.

Joanna took a bottle of water.

Hayden was puzzled.

“This is for you. I have a water bottle in my backpack.” Joanna explained with a smile, “The sun is very strong today, and you should be thirsty after walking back.”


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