Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3044 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3044 By verygoodnovel-Joanna was very moved, but was persuaded by the price.

No matter how beautiful something was, once the price exceeded her acceptable range, her love for it would be greatly reduced.

“Let’s go shopping!” Joanna pulled Hayden to go out.

After all, they bought four dolls just now, and the price was quite normal.

Joanna wanted to go to other shops, and he was sure to find outrageous shops that were good-looking and inexpensive.

Hayden didn’t move: “Don’t you like this shawl? We can buy it and go shopping elsewhere.”

This price was not expensive to Hayden.

The main reason was that Hayden seldom went shopping, and he didn’t usually buy much in this way. As far as the things on the market were sold, basically there were no things that he thought were expensive.

He saw that Joanna liked this shawl very much, so he wanted to buy it.

It didn’t matter whether Joanna took it back to give to her mother or used it for herself.

Joanna knew that Hayden was rich and didn’t care about the money, but she still dragged Hayden out of the shop: “Let’s go and see if there is any better one, if not, come back and buy it, okay?”

“Yes.” Hayden saw that she was very persistent, so he followed her, “You brought a gift for my mother, do you want to buy it for my father?”

“I don’t know if I can see the gifts your father likes.” Joanna said, “To be honest, I don’t know what your father likes. I don’t even know what your father lacks. Because your two Younger sisters are very caring, usually sure A lot of presents for your father.”

“That’s true.” Hayden asked, “I only give him a gift every year on his birthday. I give him the same gift every year.”

“What are you giving?” Joanna was very curious.

Hayden: “Birthday cake.”

Joanna: “Oh, did you do it yourself?”

Hayden: “No. I ordered it at the cake shop.”

Joanna: “…”

Hayden: “We have an agreement. I will send the cake, and they will see you off.”

“Oh. What did your father give you for your birthday?” Joanna wanted to ask, did your father also give you a cake?

After a brief contact with the father and son, Joanna felt that the father and son were very similar in many aspects.

Whether it’s words and deeds or appearance, they were a bit similar.

“All kinds of weird things.” Hayden replied, “I specially prepared a cabinet to store the gifts he gave me. Next time I have a chance, I’ll show you.”

Joanna nodded shyly: “Then what gift does your mother give you every year?”

“Every birthday, my mother will find a tailor to make me a new suit. I used to live in Bridgedale, and she would go to Bridgedale to accompany me before my birthday.” When Hayden talked about this, the expression on his face was very gentle.

“I hope I can become a good mother like your mother.” Joanna envied.

Hayden: “Come on.”

The two strolled around the commercial street, but they didn’t see anything prettier than the shawl they saw at the beginning.

Joanna originally planned to ignore this matter and stop buying the shawl, but Hayden had a good memory: “Go and buy the shawl!”

Joanna couldn’t help it, and followed him to the previous shop.

The shop owner saw that Hayden was rich, so he quickly showed Hayden several scarves.

“These shawls are all hand-woven by my grandma. Each shawl takes at least two months. My grandma’s eyes are not very good. At most, I can only weave three or five shawls a year. Each shawl has a unique style. You can’t buy the style outside.” The shop owner introduced here, and said proactively, “You can touch the fabric, it’s very skin-friendly and soft…”

Joanna didn’t dare to touch it.

She’s afraid that after she touched it, she must buy it.

At this time, Hayden stretched out his hand and touched the fabric.


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