Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3046 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3046 By verygoodnovel-Joanna looks back at Hayden.

“How about we go take a shower!” Hayden looked at the time, it was already six o’clock.

“Where to take a shower?” Joanna asked.

Hayden pointed in the direction: “There is a bathhouse over there, we have booked it today.”

Joanna immediately took the bag and went to the bathhouse with him.

It took about a quarter of an hour to walk from the camping place to the bathhouse.

When the two of them arrived at the bathhouse, there were many female employees in the bathhouse preparing to take a bath.

“You go with them.” Hayden said to Joanna.

The bathhouse is divided into men’s and women’s areas.

Joanna nodded: “Be careful when you take a bath, don’t touch the water with your injured finger.”

Hayden: “Don’t worry, it’s fine.”

After speaking, Hayden went to the men’s area, and Joanna followed the other female employees into the ladies’ area.

As soon as he entered the female guest area, Joanna was surrounded by several female employees.

“Ms. Picard, are you and our boss getting married? You two are a good match!”

“Ms. Picard, when you get married, will you give us wedding candies?”

“Ms. Picard, how did you meet our boss? Did our boss come back to Aryadelle for development because of you?”

A series of questions from everyone made Joanna blush.

“Your boss and I haven’t reached the point of discussing marriage yet. We just get along first. Strictly speaking, we’re not boyfriend and girlfriend!” Joanna smiled back at everyone.

“Ms. Picard, you are too modest. Our boss treats you so well, he must treat you like a girlfriend. Apart from you, our boss doesn’t even have anyone to gossip about.”

“Our company has a director from Bridgedale, and he said that our boss doesn’t like women because our boss has never been in a relationship with a woman. At first we thought our boss didn’t like women! Now that he treats you so well, we realize that our boss doesn’t like women; he just hasn’t met one he likes.”

Joanna asked, “Do you think he treats me well?”

“Do you think our boss treats you badly?” The female employee said with a smile, “Isn’t he bringing you shopping? He seems like the type of person who doesn’t like going shopping. But he is willing to go shopping with you because he is so kind.” Pei

Joanna smiled shyly: “I also think he is very good.”

“Ahhh! So are you two getting married soon? Ms. Picard, how did you meet our boss?”

Joanna took a deep breath: “Have you read the novel? It’s the kind of bloody domineering Novels about CEOs.”

“I’ve seen them! In that kind of novels, the hero and heroine usually fall asleep in a daze, and then the story unfolds.” A senior fan of novels said.

Joanna: “…”

“Ms. Picard, I really envy you! Our boss is not only handsome, but also very good at making money. He is very, very rich. So are his parents! They are all super awesome people. Miss Joanna, what does your family do?”

Joanna blushed while taking off her clothes and replied, “My dad is a carpenter.”

“Oh… must be a very good carpenter?”

Joanna: “Yes! Definitely The kind of artist! The kind that carves wood that can be collected as art.”

Joanna was afraid that everyone would misunderstand, so she explained bluntly: “My family is an ordinary family.”

“Ahhh! I’m going to faint! Isn’t this the story of Cinderella and Prince Charming? I didn’t expect that in reality…There is such an example!”

“Ms. Picard, I really want to cry with envy!”

Joanna: “Everyone, take a shower!”

After taking off her clothes, Joanna covered her body with a towel and walked towards the shower area.


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