Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3048 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3048 By verygoodnovel-Harry was dazzled by the warm interaction between the two of them.

Harry ran to the vice president’s barbecue grill, and whispered gossip to the vice president: “Our boss is like a little chicken today, and Ms. Picard has become an old hen protecting the cubs.”

Vice President: “Boss Tate’s finger is injured, it’s indeed a lot of inconvenience.”

Harry: “Hahaha! It’s indeed a bit inconvenient, but don’t worry, Ms. Picard is a careful woman, and she will take good care of the boss.”

Vice President: “After all, she is a mother.”

Harry: “And she is the mother of two children.”

The vice president raised his thick eyebrows: “Two? Isn’t it one?”

Harry lowered his voice to the lowest: “Two. The boss is basically locked up by Ms. Picard. As long as Ms. Picard doesn’t act like a monster, the two children alone can firmly grasp the boss’s heart.”

Vice President: “Twins? Ms. Picard can really have children. But this kind of thing is hard to say. Which woman can’t bear children! If President Tate meets a more suitable woman in the future…”

Harry: “The boss is not that kind of person. Just look at his parents.”

The vice president thought about it, and felt that what Harry said made sense.

Although Hayden didn’t have much contact with the opposite s-e-x, Hayden had always respected women.

It could be seen from the company’s various benefits for female employees.

After baking for a while, Joanna asked Hayden, “Are these enough?”

Harry had already baked some of them before, so Joanna filled two boxes without much effort.

“It should be enough.” Hayden took a bunch of baked potato chips, “Let’s go to the beach for a walk!”


The two carried a box of grilled skewers each, and ate while walking along the beach.

“Did your mother call or send you a message?” Hayden asked.

He missed his daughter a little bit.

“Probably not. After I took a shower, there was no message on my phone.” Joanna asked, “Did Auntie call you?”

“No.” Hayden replied, “Usually when I go out, she will ask.”

Joanna: “Maybe it’s safer because so many of you come out together.”

“Because I’m with you, she didn’t call me.” Hayden said straightforwardly, “Are you happy today?”

Joanna ate meat skewers and felt the sea breeze, making her body and heart feel comfortable.

“I was a little nervous in the morning, but now I’m not so nervous. Today… I feel like I’m really in love.” Joanna’s cheeks became hotter when she said these words.

“We were already in love.” Hayden’s voice was filled with sea breeze, making people slightly drunk.

Joanna felt unprecedented satisfaction.

Before she knew it, she finished eating the skewers in the box she was carrying.

Hayden immediately handed her the box he was carrying.

Hayden: “I’m full, you eat!”

Joanna said shyly, “You only eat so much, aren’t you hungry?”

“I ate a plate of fruit in the bathhouse.” Hayden replied, “You have been taking a bath for a long time.”

“Is there? Among the few of us who went in together, I washed the fastest.” Joanna explained, “Because our hair is relatively long, we have to blow our hair after taking a shower.”

“I thought you were chatting inside.” The corners of Hayden’s mouth curled up, a half-smile.

Joanna’s face flushed red.

Joanna: “We did chat, you didn’t hear it, did you?”

Hayden: “I didn’t hear it. But I know they will chat with you.”

Joanna: “Well… They are more curious about how I met you. I told them that it is similar to those domineering presidents they read. Let them make up their own minds.”


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