Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3049 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3049 By verygoodnovel-“What is the domineering president’s article?” Hayden was curious.

Joanna saw that he was really interested, so she explained to him: “This is a type of romance novel. In this type of novel, the male protagonist is usually the president, and the female protagonist is generally more ordinary. This setting is for ordinary female readers. It’s better to substitute the heroine. Who doesn’t long for a handsome and rich man to pamper themselves? When I was in junior high school, many girls in my class read this kind of novel, and I borrowed books from my classmates to start reading this kind of novel.”

Hayden: “Instead of waiting for others to favor you, it’s better to improve your own strength so that you can take the initiative.”

Seeing his serious look, Joanna couldn’t help laughing: “Actually, girls mainly read this kind of novels to satisfy their fantasies and pass the time. Generally, after graduating from university and working, they rarely have time to read.”

About half an hour later, because the temperature at the seaside dropped a bit, Joanna was afraid that Hayden would be cold, so she shouted ‘tired’ and walked back.

When the two of them returned to the campsite, everyone drank, sang and danced, and it was very lively.

“Have you brought your toothbrush?” Joanna asked him.

Hayden: “I brought mouthwash.”

“I have the little toothbrush and toothpaste that you find in hotels. I have plenty of them. Do you want them?”

Hayden nodded.

Joanna immediately went to her tent, opened her backpack, and gave him a set.

“Are you always so careful when you go out?” Hayden felt that her backpack was like a treasure chest with everything in it.

“I don’t usually go far. After I graduated from college, I basically stayed in Avonsville. Maybe it’s because I don’t go out much, so when I go out, I bring more things.” Joanna raised the corners of her mouth, “Let’s go brush our teeth!”

Hayden: “Um.”

The two went to brush their teeth separately.

After brushing their teeth and washing their face, their eyes met.

Joanna was a little tired, and Hayden was probably tired too.

“Good night.” Joanna smiled and waved to him.


After the two finished speaking, they went back to their tents.

Afterwards, she sent a message back to Juliette.

After about twenty minutes, Hayden sent a message: [Are there mosquitoes in your tent?]

When Joanna saw his news, she immediately got up.

Hayden’s question must be because there were mosquitoes over there.

Joanna immediately took toilet water and mosquito repellent, and walked towards his tent.

“Hayden, are there mosquitoes in your tent?” Joanna shouted standing outside Hayden’s tent.

Hayden immediately opened the tent.

Joanna looked at the bitten bump on his forehead, and immediately handed him the toilet water.

“How about I go in and beat the mosquitoes for you?” Joanna asked, “If we don’t kill mosquitoes, they will bite you later.”

Hayden immediately moved to the side to make room for her.

So Joanna took off her shoes and entered Hayden’s tent.

Not far away, the vice president saw Joanna get into Hayden’s tent, and pushed his glasses on the bridge of his nose in surprise.

Harry also saw it.

Harry handed a bunch of barbecue to the vice president, and said with a smile: “I asked the boss if he wanted to arrange Ms. Picard to his tent, and the boss said no very seriously at that time. As a result… the body is very be honest! Hahaha!”

Vice President: “Didn’t Ms. Picard take the initiative to enter President Tate’s tent just now?”

Harry couldn’t help laughing: “If there is no invitation from the boss, do you think Ms. Picard would dare to enter the boss’s tent?”

The vice president suddenly realized!


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