Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3051 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3051 By verygoodnovel-Because Hayden talked about starting a family.

This man was really reserved, but she liked it.

“I think you’re right.” Since Hayden had confidence, she certainly had confidence too.

If he needed a wife, then she would be a good wife; if his children need a mother, then she would be a good mother.

Because even if it wasn’t Hayden, Joanna would still fight for a better life, and would work hard to find her own happiness, and try to be a good wife and mother.

And the other half was Hayden, she had no reason not to live a good life.

After a while, Hayden’s breathing became even.

Joanna climbed off him lightly.

She torn between staying and going out.

If she slept here tonight, Hayden wouldn’t say anything. But it would be embarrassing if people saw it.

Soon, she thought again, in fact, the focus should not be on how others see or think, but on her own inner feelings.

Her feeling was simple and straightforward, that is to stay and sleep together.

After figuring it out, she laid down next to Hayden, smelling his unique aura, imagining their bright future, and fell asleep happily.

At 7 o’clock the next morning, Joanna woke up.

After waking up, she first saw Hayden’s handsome face.

What happened last night, the conversation between the two of them, all flooded up.

On the one hand, she was very happy, on the other hand, she was a little embarrassed.

Because last night both of their intimacy and conversations took place in the dark.

She couldn’t even see the other person’s face clearly.

Just as she was thinking about lying down and waiting for Hayden to wake up and get up together, or leave now, Hayden opened his eyes.

The moment he saw Joanna, a flash of surprise flashed across Hayden’s eyes. Immediately, he thought of what happened last night, and his emotions gradually calmed down.

“Did you sleep well last night?” Hayden spoke first, breaking the silence.

Joanna nodded, “What about you?”

“Slept well.” Hayden sat up and saw a flowered quilt on his body, which was not his.

“It’s a bit cold at night, your quilt is too thin, so I covered you with mine. You weren’t hot last night, right?” Joanna put away her quilt and folded it.

“Not hot.” Hayden smelled a scent on her quilt, “Is this the quilt you usually cover?”

Joanna nodded: “I didn’t plan to bring this, it’s cold at night, just wear a coat to sleep, anyway Only sleep for one night! My mother said that it is uncomfortable to sleep in a coat, so she asked me to bring a quilt.”

Hayden: “Your mother loves you very much.”

“What mother doesn’t love her child.” Joanna asked with a smile, “You can open the tent, is it?”

Hayden nodded: “You put the quilt away, let’s go to the bathhouse last night to wash up and have breakfast.”

“Breakfast is also served there?” Joanna was a little surprised.

“As long as we give them money, we can buy any service.” After Hayden finished speaking, Joanna walked out of the tent with a blushing face and hugged the quilt.

Coincidentally, when she came out of the tent, not far away, the vice president and several managers heard the movement and looked at her.

Everyone smiled at her very friendly and greeted her: “Ms. Picard, good morning!”

Joanna hugged the quilt with one hand, stroked her messy long hair with the other, and said hello to them: “Good morning!”

“Is President Tate up yet?” The vice president continued.

Joanna: “Get up.”

The vice president nodded: “If you want to eat, you can call Harry, he just went to have breakfast.”

Joanna: “Don’t bother him, we will go to the bathroom later.”

Before Joanna could finish speaking, Hayden walked out.

As soon as he came out, everyone else laughed.

Joanna: “…”

What were they laughing at?!”


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