Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3052 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3052 By verygoodnovel-Seeing this, Hayden patted Joanna on the shoulder and asked her to put the quilt.

Joanna immediately went to put the quilt in her tent.

Hayden walked towards the vice president.

Seeing Hayden approaching, everyone restrained themselves a little.

“What are you laughing at! I’m in love with Joanna, can’t we sleep together?” Hayden asked them.

Seeing Hayden being so honest, everyone was a little surprised.

“President Tate, you didn’t say you two were in a relationship yesterday!” The vice president said in a low voice, “I thought you two were just playing around!”

“I wouldn’t even play with her.” Hayden teased, “Besides I don’t like to play.”

“That’s true. So you two are planning to get married?” the vice president asked, “So many people in the company have seen it, if you two break up, you will be discussed to death.”

“I don’t care how others talk about it. I brought her out, I must be going to get married.” After Hayden finished speaking, he caught a glimpse of Joanna standing by the tent waiting for him out of the corner of his eye, so he walked over quickly.

As soon as Hayden walked over, Joanna immediately asked: “What are you talking about with them!”

“They asked me when I will get married.” Hayden looked at the road ahead, and said calmly, “When we go back, let the elders on both sides meet together. Let’s have a meal together!”

Joanna nodded, “Okay. I’ll follow your arrangement.”

At this point, many employees got up and had breakfast by the beach to take pictures.

Seeing everyone’s happy faces, Joanna raised the corners of her mouth.

“It must be very happy to be your employee?” She sighed.

Hayden: “That must not be my wife’s happiness.”

Joanna looked at him in shock.

She didn’t expect him to say such a thing.

She’s used to his usual serious appearance, but she didn’t expect him to say such nasty love words.

“So shocked?” Hayden blushed when she saw her.

“…I’ve never seen you like this before, so I’m a little surprised.” Joanna smiled all over her face, “I used to think you were high and unattainable, but now I feel that you are on the ground.”

Hayden: “Sometimes I-I’m too lazy to socialize with people doesn’t mean I’m superior.”

Joanna: “Hahaha! Then you’re lazy enough.”

“I’ve never been lazy with you.” Hayden explained, “I talk to you a lot. “

Joanna: “Ah? Then you don’t usually talk to the opposite s-e-x?”

Hayden: “Well. Apart from relatives, the nearest opposite s-e-x is the secretary in the company.”

“Apart from work, you don’t go out to play, do you?” Joanna said, “Your mother told me that you are usually homey. She also said…”

“What else?” Hayden saw that she hesitated to speak, so he asked.

“I also said that if I hadn’t given birth to you, I don’t know when you would be a father.” After Joanna finished speaking, her face burned.

“My mother is right. I really didn’t put marriage and having children on my schedule for the next three years. The appearance of you and your child is an accident among accidents.” After Hayden finished speaking, he added, “A beautiful accident.”

With a sigh of relief, Joanna said: “I was worried that you didn’t like children. After all, you are still so young.”

“There should be no one who doesn’t like my child, right?” Hayden didn’t think he would become a father so soon, but after calming down, he quickly accepted it, “Actually, I didn’t expect that I would like children so much. I don’t have feelings for other people’s children, but I still like my own children.”

“I feel that you dote on children more than your mother.” Joanna complained about him, “Auntie pets Dorian, she still has a sense of proportion. But you have no sense of proportion to Gia.”


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