Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3053 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3053 By verygoodnovel-“Where am I inappropriate?” Hayden thought he was very measured.

“I’ll ask my aunt to judge in the future.” Joanna couldn’t talk to him, so she planned to let Avery uphold justice in the future.

Hayden couldn’t help laughing.

After breakfast, everyone packed up the tent and went to the next destination.

This morning’s activity was rock climbing.

Because Hayden’s fingers were injured, he couldn’t move.

So Joanna didn’t go to play either.

The two of them watched everyone play for a while, but Harry couldn’t stand it anymore and asked them to leave first.

Harry: “Boss, since you can’t participate in the event, you can definitely take Joanna on a date.”

Joanna felt that as the boss, it would not be good for Hayden to leave first, so she said to Harry, “It’s fun to watch everyone play.”

Hayden knew her sensible, so he decided to follow the assistant’s advice.

“Let’s go first! I only bought gifts for my mother yesterday, but not for anyone else. Let’s go shopping in the city center.” Hayden said to Joanna.

Joanna nodded: “Okay! I still have to buy gifts for my parents and my younger brother.”

Hayden: “Yeah.”



During the rare May Day holiday, Layla stayed at Foster’s house.

After Dorian grew up, he was full of curiosity about the outside world and liked to play outside.

In addition, the weather had been good recently, so Avery took Elliot, Dorian, and Robert out to play.

Originally, they didn’t intend to take Robert with them, but Robert took the initiative to hang out with them.

It’s rare that such a big son was willing to cling to his parents, so Avery took him with her.

Robert mainly didn’t want to stay at home and listen to his sister talking.

Robert was about to graduate, employment was the first problem, and relationship was the second problem.

Layla was now successful in her career and had a child, so she would definitely talk about Robert.

“Hazel, are you going to be an intern soon? Are you going to continue to be the host?” Layla leaned on the sofa and chatted with her sister.

Everyone went out to play, only Hazel stayed at home with Layla.

“I don’t know yet!” Hazel lowered her head, not daring to look at her sister’s face, “We’ll talk about it after this semester is over, don’t worry about it.”

“You’re usually very assertive!” Layla looked at her sister in surprise, “If you continue to be the host, you should choose the unit now? For example, continue to the previous internship unit or change places… If you don’t become the host, what do you want to do?”

“Sister, I may I won’t continue to be a host.” Hazel told Layla what was in her heart, “I haven’t told my parents yet, so don’t tell them.”

Layla nodded: “Why don’t you want to be a host? Are you tired of doing it?”

Hazel thought for a while, and replied: “No. It’s just that I feel that my father doesn’t want me to engage in this industry. And now I don’t like this industry as deeply as before.”

“Oh, That’s it! Dad definitely doesn’t want you to work outside! It’s fine if you decide to give up. My brother’s company and my dad’s company, you can go to any company you want. Or you can start a company if you want. But you have to choose the track well.”

“Well, I’ve been thinking about this issue recently. But I haven’t thought about it yet.” Hazel smiled at her sister, “Sister, you have to rest assured to raise your baby now, don’t worry too much.”

Layla laughed and said: “This counts What to worry about! I won’t tell you anything that really worries me. Do you know why your second brother insists on going out with his parents? He’s afraid I’ll tell him about him. I’m opposed to his postgraduate study. Look at what major he chose, philosophy! he’s really interested in philosophy, he just needs to read more books. I think he just doesn’t want to help dad.”


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