Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3054 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3054 By verygoodnovel-“Sister, the second brother will only study for two years at most. Let him study if he wants to!” Hazel said, “He may not be mentally prepared to help Dad now. Perhaps he will study for another two years and mature greatly!”

Hazel’s comfort fell into Layla’s ears, and Layla felt much more at ease.

“That’s right. Your second brother was spoiled and grew up without suffering, so he matured slowly.” Layla smiled, “You are much more mature than your second brother.”

“Sister, second brother is very good. His personality is a bit more lively than ours.” Hazel continued to help the second brother speak.

“You really don’t plan to go to higher study?” Layla asked, “Actually, it’s good for girls to read more books. If you don’t, do you believe that a lot of people will introduce you to boyfriends immediately? Hazel, I don’t like you getting married too soon. You haven’t enjoyed your life well, and I don’t want you to get married.”

“Sister, you say that, do you think marriage is not good?” Hazel asked this because she was afraid that her sister’s marriage would not be good.

“No.” Layla smiled and shook her head, “My life experience is different from yours. I have everything since I was a child, so I have no regrets in my life, so I long to get married. But you are different. You haven’t seen the beautiful things yet, if you get married early, it will restrict you to some extent. For example, if you get pregnant after marriage, won’t you be able to play around?”

Hazel understood what her sister meant.

What her sister said had some truth, but she had a different idea.

Because she was displaced since she was a child, she longed for love and a happy family.

Now with her parents, her life was very happy, but when she dreamed back at midnight, she would occasionally think of what happened in the distant Thopiavelle.

She wanted to go back to her mother-in-law’s grave after this semester was over and tell her about her experiences over the last few years.

Although her mother-in-law was dead, she always felt that her mother-in-law was looking at her in the sky.

“Hazel, when you find a boyfriend, I will definitely check for you. Besides me, mom and dad, and your two brothers, they will all check for you.” Layla looked at the little girl with a doting face, “In my opinion, there is no man in this world who is worthy of you. Even if there is, it is very rare.”

Hazel knew that her sister loved her, so she said this: “Sister, I don’t think so much now. But I feel that when fate comes, various external conditions may not be taken so seriously.”

Layla: “If the fate really comes, it is indeed unstoppable. But it is definitely not good if the difference is too large. With the conditions of our family, if you find someone who is too bad, it will definitely not work. I have read too many stories about Phoenix men recently. There are also many men who depended on the woman’s family in the early stage, and then became prosperous in the later stage. It’s not worth putting your figure down.”

Hazel nodded after listening to her sister’s words: “If I really meet someone I like, I will definitely bring him back for you to see.”

Layla: “Well! Little sister, what type of boy do you like? Tell me, if there is a suitable one around me, I can introduce him to you.”

Layla had never asked her sister this question. Because Hazel was concentrating on her study before, no one thought about it.

But now Hazel was about to start an internship, and she was over 20 years old, so she could fall in love anytime.

Lucas’s face suddenly appeared in Hazel’s mind.

“I like tall and thin guys…I don’t like boys who are too strong.” Hazel gave her sister the answer based on Lucas’s figure.

“What else? For example, personality.” Layla continued to ask.

“In terms of personality… I don’t know how to describe…” Hazel hadn’t seen Lucas for almost three years. She had no idea how Lucas looked now; perhaps his personality had changed.

“That’s right, you have to meet and get along with each other in real life before you know what you like.” Layla patted her sister’s shoulder, “You should think about what to do in the future! I don’t think your parents will allow you to get married so quickly.”

Hazel said with a blushing smile, “I am also reluctant to leave my parents so soon.”


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