Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3055 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3055 By verygoodnovel-“After having Dorian at home, will the parents’ energy be allocated a lot?” Layla asked.

Hazel: “Well. After all, Dorian is so small, it needs someone to take good care of it! But my parents still care about me. They remember when I go to class and when I rest!”

Layla sighed: “I plan to only give birth One. I feel very tired if I have too many children. Especially when I see my parents giving birth to so many children, and each child is spoiled. In fact, it is one thing to worry about the child, and it will also make you feel happy because of the child.”

Hazel took a fruit knife to peel an apple for her sister, and then carefully cut it into small pieces.

At this time, Eric came out with a tray.

Eric stewed soup to replenish Layla’s body.

“Layla, try it.” After putting the tray on the table, Eric handed a bowl to Layla and another bowl to Hazel, “Hazel, try it too.”

Hazel smiled, took the soup bowl, and said: “Thank you brother-in-law. Brother-in-law, the soup you stew is so delicious and tonic. If I drink it for a few more days, I think I will gain a lot of weight!”

Eric explained: “The oil foam inside has been filtered out, so you shouldn’t gain a lot of weight. Look at your sister who drank soup every day and didn’t gain much weight. When she was not pregnant, I also made soup for her to drink.”

Layla laughed: “I didn’t gain weight before because I exercised a lot, okay? I can’t exercise now, and I will definitely gain weight.”

Eric looked at her lovingly: “You are too thin, it’s good to gain a little weight.”

“I don’t want to gain weight! I just asked my younger sister what kind of boys she likes, and she said she likes tall and thin boys. It means that tall and thin are very important.” Layla took two sips of soup and couldn’t drink it anymore.

Hazel couldn’t laugh or cry: “Sister, what I just said is nonsense. I don’t have a partner, and I don’t know what I like. Maybe I will find someone who is fatter in the future!”

After Hazel finished speaking, she drank the soup in one gulp over. After finishing drinking, she quickly coaxed her sister: “Sister, drink up the soup while it’s hot. The soup stewed by brother-in-law is really delicious!”

Layla was coaxed by her sister to smile again, and then drank up the soup .

Three o’clock in the afternoon.

Hayden and Joanna returned to Avonsville.

The two first returned to Hayden’s villa in downtown.

Hayden prepared gifts for Joanna’s parents and younger brother, and they were all very expensive gifts.

As a result, when they got home, they found that there were only Mrs. Picard and Gia at home.

“Where are father and brother?” Joanna asked.

“They’re gone.” Mrs. Picard blushed and explained, “Your brother is going to school tomorrow, and your dad is urging him to go back to work!”

“Anyway, they’ll go back after we come back and have a meal together! Can’t Dad take an extra day off?” Joanna sighed, “Hayden bought them gifts!”

“Oh, Hayden, it really cost you money. When they come next time, give them the same.” Mrs. Picard said to Hayden thanked him.

“Hayden still wants to arrange a meeting between the two families!” Joanna muttered in a low voice, “They won’t tell me when they go back.”

Mrs. Picard was very excited: “It’s simple; when Hayden schedules an appointment, I’ll have your father come here right away! If you need your brother to come, you can also request that he leave right away! In any case, everything is up to the two of you!”


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