Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3056 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3056 By verygoodnovel-Hearing what her mother said, Joanna’s brows relaxed.

“Hayden, do you want to take a bath first?” Joanna looked at Hayden, asked.

Hayden was squatting by the sofa, playing with Gia.

After hearing Joanna’s words, Hayden immediately got up and went to take a bath.

After Hayden walked away, Mrs. Picard immediately grabbed her daughter’s arm and asked with a smile, “You and Hayden… Did something happen to you two…”

“Mom, no.” Joanna blushed, “However, this team building has indeed made us more familiar. He said he needs a wife, and I am willing to be his wife, so we should get married!”

Mrs. Picard’s excited eyes widened, tears rolled in the eyes.

“Joanna, you are really uplifting! I never dreamed that you could marry so well! If this is passed back, you will be the pride of our whole village!”

Joanna: “…”

She hadn’t ever thought about it. She wasn’t concerned about becoming the pride of the entire village; she just wanted to live her own life well.

“Mom, please don’t tell the story about me and Hayden back to the village. Let’s talk about it after we get married! Before we get married, everything may change.” Joanna whispered.

Mrs. Picard looked at the gift Hayden brought back, and she was very satisfied and moved: “I think Hayden really wants to live with you. The main reason is that you gave birth to him two children. There is no credit but hard work. Besides, I have to thank his family, especially his mother. If his mother hadn’t been so kind to you, even if Hayden liked you, you might not be able to be together.”

“Mom, I know. Aunt Tate is really a very good person. I am willing to marry Hayden, not only because I like Hayden and want to give the two children a complete family, but also because I like his family. I like everyone in his family.” Joanna said these words. At that time, Hayden happened to come out to pick up his luggage.

When Joanna saw Hayden coming out, her face turned red immediately.

Judging by Hayden’s appearance, he should have heard what she just said.

“What are you looking for?” Joanna walked quickly towards Hayden.

Hayden: “I’ll get the suitcase.” After a pause, he said, “You go take a shower too! We’ll take Gia back to my house later.”

Joanna nodded: “Okay.”

Before she was not willing to let Hayden’s family know about Gia’s existence because she had no relationship with Hayden at that time, and now that the two of them have initially decided to be together, it would be fine to let Hayden’s family know about Gia’s existence.

Hayden went to the guest room with his suitcase.

Joanna was also going to go back to her room to take a shower.

When Mrs. Picard heard Hayden say that he was going to take Gia to Foster’s house later, she immediately became nervous.

“Joanna, why don’t I give Gia a bath too? Otherwise, she will smell bad and take her there, and people will think I didn’t take the baby well!” Although Mrs. Picard was asking, after she finished speaking, she went to the bathroom to take a bath water.

Joanna couldn’t help but sit with her daughter by the sofa.

“Baby, wait until Dad takes us to your brother’s house. It will be your home in the future. Are you happy?” Joanna’s voice was very gentle, and Gia laughed at her mother.

After a while, Mrs. Picard put away the bath water.

“Joanna, go take a bath! Dress up a bit later, and start paying attention to your image in the future.” After explaining to her daughter, Mrs. Picard went to the bathroom with Gia in her arms.

Joanna was not that nervous at first, but after hearing what her mother said, she suddenly felt burdened.

Half an hour later, she took a shower, changed her clothes, and came out of the room.

Hayden had already taken a shower, and Gia also smelled delicious.

Mrs. Picard was putting on a princess dress for Gia.

Joanna walked over, intending to help.


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