Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3057 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3057 By verygoodnovel-Mrs. Picard looked up at her daughter: “Are you so plain-faced?”

Joanna: “Mom, I went to Hayden’s house, not outside. I often go to his house without makeup!”

Joanna didn’t think too much Change the trajectory of her life. Because she knew very well that Hayden was willing to be with her, regardless of whether she put on makeup or not.

“Auntie, Joanna looks pretty without makeup.” Hayden boasted.

Mrs. Picard laughed out loud, and was also happy for her daughter: “Hayden, I know you chose Joanna for the sake of your child. I’m not an old lady selling melons and boasting. My daughter is really good. She has been obedient since she was a child and very sensible, although our family is just an ordinary family, we are well-behaved and spiritually rich…”

“Mom, don’t talk about it.” Joanna blushed in embarrassment, “Hayden knows our family’s situation.”

“Okay, anyway, you guys are doing well, and you will bring up the two children, you two, we’ll be fine.” Mrs. Picard said contentedly, and put a super cute little hat on Gia.

“Mom, you brought her a small bag?” Joanna picked up the small bag on the sofa, dumbfounded.

“Of course. You can put two bags of millet cakes in it!” After Mrs. Picard finished speaking, she gave the small bag to Gia to carry.

Gia immediately reached out and grabbed the small bag tightly.

Then Mrs. Picard put on beautiful princess shoes for Gia.

Joanna looked at her extravagantly dressed daughter, and instantly felt that she was a little unworthy.

After Mrs. Picard put Gia’s shoes on, Hayden immediately picked her up.

He just wanted to hold the baby as soon as he entered the house, but because he didn’t take a bath, he resisted holding it.

“Auntie, I’ll take Gia and Joanna to my house first. I’ll talk to you after I discuss with my parents when we meet.” Hayden said politely to Mrs. Picard.

“Okay! Be careful on the road.” Mrs. Picard said, and handed the bag containing the small fruit water bottle, baby bottle, milk powder and diapers to Joanna.

Before Joanna took it, Hayden stretched out his hand to take it.

He didn’t want Joanna to look like a nanny.

He didn’t marry Joanna so that Joanna could take care of the children exclusively.

In the future, if Joanna wanted to continue working, he would not object. Because the mother never gave up her job because of having a baby.

After getting in the car, the bodyguard drove the car out.

Hayden saw his daughter kept looking at Joanna, so he handed her daughter to Joanna.

It happened that he was going to call his mother to make her mentally prepare in advance.

He took out his cell phone and dialed Avery’s number.

The call was connected quickly.

“Hayden, is your team building over? Are you and Joanna okay?” Avery was lying on a deck chair at a holiday villa by the sea, feeling the sea breeze leisurely.

Dorian preferred to play with Robert, and Robert was very patient with children.

Bringing Robert out to play together was like bringing a nanny who specialized in taking care of children. Avery and Elliot were completely liberated.

“Well. Mom, are you playing outside now, or at home?” Hayden hadn’t contacted his family for the past two days, so he didn’t know what’s going on at home.

“We’re playing outside! Your two younger sisters are at home.” Avery asked here, “Did you miss Dorian? Dorian is playing with Robert in the room right now.”

“No. …I have something to tell you. Go home as soon as possible!” Hayden said.


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