Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3059 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3059 By verygoodnovel-Hazel followed suit.

Before Hayden could explain, the nanny said to Layla: “Layla, this child may not be picked up! Your brother said that this child is his daughter!”

“Huh?” Layla looked at Gia again, “Brother, who did you have this with? Why did you have so many children outside? Why are you such a man? It’s a pity that I always regarded you as my idol before, I’m so sick that I’m going to throw up now!”

Layla’s nausea was largely due to her pregnancy.

Joanna didn’t expect that Layla would misunderstand Hayden, and immediately explained: “Layla, this is the child of me and your brother. She and Dorian are twins. Just like you and your brother.”

Layla was bent over and wanted to vomit, but after hearing Joanna’s words, she immediately straightened up: “Are you sure you’re not making up a story with my brother to lie to us? Do you know how low the probability of having twins is?”

“Layla, I really didn’t lie to you. I didn’t tell you about the existence of Gia before, because I was selfish and I didn’t want to leave my daughter.” Joanna explained, “Now that uncertain factor has been resolved, so…”

“Ahhhh Ah! Her name is Gia?” Layla hugged Gia from Joanna’s arms, and kissed her milky face, “Little Gia is so beautiful! Dressed like a little princess!”

Joanna couldn’t help laughing.

Hayden was expressionless, and carried his daughter from Layla’s arms.

Hayden: “You’re pregnant, don’t hold the baby.”

Layla: “Brother, the baby in my belly is not that fragile.”

Hayden: “I’m afraid you’ll drop my daughter.”

“How could I drop your daughter?!” Layla frowned, arguing with her brother.

Hayden: “Won’t you feel sick and drowsy after pregnancy?”

Layla: “…”

“Sister, don’t be angry. Then you will have a beautiful baby.” Hazel coaxed Layla.

Joanna also coaxed her: “Layla, your brother bought you a gift. He picked it himself.”

“Let’s go inside first! The sun outside is a bit strong.” Hazel smoothed things over with a smile.

After everyone entered the house, Layla started looking for her mobile phone, trying to tell her parents the good news.

Hayden knew what she wanted to do by watching her movements.

“I’ve already called my mother. But I didn’t tell them about Gia. I want to give them a surprise.” Hayden hugged his daughter and said to Layla.

“Okay, okay! I’m afraid they’ll be too surprised and faint.” Although Layla couldn’t hold Gia, she couldn’t help but want to tease the little baby, so she stretched out her finger and poked Gia’s face.

“Layla.” Hayden looked at his sister’s sharp nails and reminded, “Your nails should be cut.”

Layla was about to jump with jealousy: “Brother, I often poke Dorian too!”

Hayden: “Dorian is a boy. It’s okay to poke.”

Layla said, “Brother, you are not a slave to your daughter, are you?”

Hayden ignored Layla’s ridicule.

“Hazel, do you want to hug Gia?” Hayden walked up to Hazel with his daughter in his arms.

Of course Hazel wanted to hug her little niece.

After Hazel hugged Gia into her arms, she immediately took her to Dorian’s dollhouse.

After a while, Gia let out a happy cry of excitement.

In the evening, night fell.

The black Rolls Royce drove slowly to the Foster family’ villa.


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