Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3060 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3060 By verygoodnovel-Elliot got out of the car first and protected the door for his wife.

Dorian fell asleep in the car.

After Avery picked up Dorian, she carefully carried him out.

“Let me hug it!” Elliot was worried that his wife would be tired because Dorian was so heavy.

Avery gave the child to Elliot, while Robert and the bodyguards carried their luggage in the trunk.

They came back, but no one came out to meet them.

Avery couldn’t hold back her inner curiosity, so she walked into the house first.

Look what she saw?!

Layla and Eric sat on one side of the sofa, while Hayden, Joanna and Hazel sat on the other side.

Between Hayden and Hazel, sat a cute little girl in a white princess dress.

The girl held a rattle with big fruit in her hand, and waved her small arms, making a ding-dong ding-dong sound.

Hayden didn’t like such a noisy environment, but at this moment, Hayden had a loving smile on his face.

“Mom! You are back!” Layla saw her mother first, so she got up from the sofa and walked to her, “Mom, this is the little girl that my brother picked up outside when the team was building! Isn’t it cute?”

Layla deliberately teased her mother.

She was curious to see how her mother would react.

When Avery heard the news, her appearance felt tender.

“How can the child be picked up casually? Hayden, have you called the police yet?” Avery had a strong sense of law.

While talking to her son, she walked up to the little girl and took a closer look.

Hayden shook his head, indicating that he did not call the police.

“Hey! This little girl is quite beautiful! Whose parents have the heart to throw away such a beautiful little girl?” Avery said this, and a thought flashed in his mind, “Is this child sick? Otherwise, how could her parents throw her away? Seeing that she is fat and white, it seems that she is well-fed!”

“Mom, Layla said just now that she looks dark.” Hayden was very concerned about this matter.

This was what Layla never expected.

Her casual sentence prompted her brother to retaliate.

Avery took a closer look at Gia, and then commented: “She is indeed not as white as our Dorian. After all, she is an abandoned child. I don’t know what kind of treatment she suffered outside before being picked up by you.”

When Avery said this, she couldn’t help feeling p!ty.

Elliot walked over with the child in his arms.

Avery immediately told about the fact that his son had picked up a girl from outside.

Elliot thought it was ridiculous!

Although their family was rich and could afford to raise as many children as they want, why would they pick up children from outside to raise them if they have children in their own family?

“We donate a lot of money to charity organizations every year.” Elliot expressed his views as the head of the family, “There is an orphanage among them. This child can be sent directly to the orphanage, there is no need to raise it by himself.”

After Elliot expressed his opinion, Gia on the sofa seemed to realize that this person was talking about herself, so she turned her head and glanced at Elliot.

It was this look that made Elliot completely stunned.

Why is this little girl so beautiful? And her eyes were bright, and her eyes were cool… The temperament of her deeply attracted Elliot.

“Hey! This little girl is so beautiful!” Robert saw Gia and liked her very much, so he guessed, “Brother, do you want to keep her as Dorian’s wife in the future?”


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