Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3061 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3061 By verygoodnovel-Hayden’s face changed drastically: “What are you talking about? She is my daughter! She is Dorian’s younger sister!” Afraid his family would not understand, he added, “She is Dorian’s own younger sister!”

Joanna added again: “She and Dorian are twins.”

After being shocked for a few seconds, Elliot immediately stuffed Dorian in Robert’s arms, and then hugged Gia on the sofa!

Dorian: “???”

Robert: “???”

“I said, why does this little girl look so familiar! It turns out she is my granddaughter!” Elliot hugged Gia and smiled brightly.

Avery patted Elliot on the shoulder: “Honey, don’t lift the child so high.”

Hayden also felt a little dangerous: “Dad, put the child down a bit.”

At this time, Avery said the second half of the sentence: “You lift it so high, I can’t even reach it!”

After hearing what his wife said, Elliot immediately sent Gia to her arms.

Avery’s palm touched Gia’s head, “This head is really round! It’s like a big watermelon!”

Layla: “Dad, Mom, you two don’t have to be so biased, right? With Gia, Dorian won’t smell good anymore?”

At this time, Robert hugged Dorian, biting his little finger with his small mouth, watching his grandparents circle around Gia, and the grievance on the little guy’s face overflowed.

Seeing this, Elliot immediately hugged Dorian over.

“Dorian, grandpa is not partial. Grandpa just tried your sister’s touch! I didn’t expect that you two are the same size, but you are so much heavier than her! I don’t know if your sister didn’t eat well, or you ate it. That’s great!” Elliot expressed his regret.

Dorian’s small mouth suddenly shrunk.

Avery hugged Gia and sat down on the sofa. Fortunately, Gia refused to recognize her life now, and after being hugged by Avery, she didn’t move or cry.

Avery was pleasantly surprised, but she was not very happy.

She looked at Hayden and Joanna, hoping to get an explanation from them.

“Mom, are you happy?” Hayden could see the meaning behind his mother’s expression.

Avery: “Happy.”

“Since you’re happy, don’t pursue other things.” Hayden’s ability to turn big things into small things was amazing.

“Hmph, you didn’t pursue it. I have nothing to pursue. This is not my child. Don’t you feel more stressed than me when she suffers outside?” Avery’s mouth was hard, but her heart was soft.

“Mom, Gia didn’t suffer.” Hayden helped Joanna speak, “Joanna’s mother has been taking care of her. There was only one illness in total, the time when Dorian fell ill before, and Gia also fell ill. “

“Oh… Now that you and Joanna have talked about everything, are you planning to get married next time? Where will you two live after marriage?” Avery asked, “What is Joanna’s plan after marriage? Should you take care of the children at home or continue to work?”

Joanna didn’t know how to answer. Because she and Hayden hadn’t talked about this yet.

Hayden looked at Joanna and asked, “What do you think?”

“I… I can do it!” Joanna blushed.

“Joanna, don’t be afraid. What’s on your mind, you just say it.” Avery encouraged, “Hayden is not very good at guessing other people’s thoughts. When you get along with him, just be direct.”


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