Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3062 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3062 By verygoodnovel-Joanna thought for a while and replied, “Auntie, I still want to continue working.”

“Yes! What are your plans for those two children?” Avery continued to ask.

Joanna grabbed Hayden’s hand and pulled him out as a shield: “For the rest, I’ll just listen to him.”

Avery smiled and asked her son: “Hayden, haven’t you figured out how to arrange it yet?”

“If you live at home, then Joanna’s mother can’t take care of Gia. She has helped take care of Gia for so long, and she has feelings for her. Letting them separate is a bit cruel.” Hayden wanted to live at home, because Joanna and the family relationship was good, living at home, there shouldn’t be any problems.

Joanna did not expect that Hayden would consider her mother’s feelings, and was very moved.

“Hayden, although my mother likes Gia very much, if someone takes care of Gia in the future, my mother can return to my father’s side. My father and mother have a very good relationship, and it is actually not good to separate them.” Joanna explained.

“Joanna, if you marry Hayden, we will definitely take care of your family. At that time, you can let your parents come to live in Avonsville. They just buy them any house they like. Then you and Hayden can live with us for a while, and then go live with your parents for a while.” Avery gave Joanna an idea.

This was the fairest way.

Joanna’s nose was sour, and her eyes were red: “Auntie, thank you.”

“Don’t say that. We will be a family in the future, so don’t be so polite.” Avery hugged Gia, feeling like she owned the whole world, “Look at arranging a time for both parties to meet at home and confirm the wedding date, and then we’re about to start planning for the wedding.”

“How is this weekend?” Hayden asked Joanna.

“My mother can choose any time.” Joanna replied, “If it’s the weekend, I’ll tell my father in advance.”

“I’ll send a car to pick them up at that time.” Hayden replied, “Did your mother not go back to her hometown for a while? Why don’t you let her go back to her hometown to play for a few days, and then I’ll bring them over to meet again.”

Joanna nodded without thinking.

It’s true that her mother hadn’t been back to her hometown for a long time.

In fact, her mother missed home very much.

When she first came to Avonsville, her mother was not used to the life here. Later, because she got to know some old people in the community, she gradually got used to it.

Later, she helped bring Gia, and with Gia’s company, it was not so boring.

“Joanna, you can spend the night at our house today!” Avery said with a smile, “Our house has so many rooms…”

At this time, Layla couldn’t help intercepting: “Mom, Joanna is going to marry my brother, will they both sleep in separate rooms?”

Hayden and Joanna were speechless.

“Did your team sleep separately when you spent the night outside?” Layla continued to ask, “They have two children and are sure to get married, so they can sleep together!”

The reason Layla said this was because she was afraid that her brother would be too lazy and not take the initiative.

And Joanna’s character was relatively passive, Layla saw that the relationship between the two of them was progressing slowly, and became anxious.

“Mom, there’s no need to arrange a room for Joanna, I’ll sleep with Joanna and Gia at night.” Hayden took the initiative.

Avery smiled all over her face: “Yes! You can arrange it yourself. But let me play with Gia for a while. Our Gia is really cute… Where is my phone? I want to give Gia Photograph. “

The nanny immediately found her mobile phone and handed it to her.

Hayden pulled Joanna and walked towards his room.

Joanna had been to Foster’s house many times, but she had never been to Hayden’s room.

“Hayden, your house is so lively!” Joanna whispered after following Hayden upstairs, “Have Layla and her husband lived here these days?”


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