Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3063 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3063 By verygoodnovel-“Haven’t you been to my house many times before?” Hayden was used to the lively house.

“Most of the time when I come here, only your parents are at home.” Joanna replied, “Having two children is actually not a small number, but now I see four brothers and sisters in your family, I am really envious!”

Hayden heard her say the word ‘envy’, and asked casually: “You don’t want to give birth again, do you?”

“Do you like so many children?” Joanna said.

Joanna was so young now, and it was acceptable to have another child.

The main reason was that she was pregnant before, and she secretly conceived and gave birth secretly. This kind of feeling was actually not very good.

She also wanted to feel what it was like to be pregnant and have a baby after normal marriage.

“As long as it is my child, I like it, but I think we already have two children, which is enough.” Hayden said rationally, “Having a child is also risky. There is no need to take that risk.”

“Let’s go with the flow!” Joanna’s cheeks turned hot, “Hayden, the more I get along with you, the more I think you are a good man. You are not only good to your family, but also to our children, and you are also good to me. In my previous life, I must have saved the Milky Way to marry you.”

“I haven’t proposed yet.” Hayden reminded.

Joanna’s face became even hotter, “Didn’t you tell the elders all about it? Do you want to propose again?”

“There must be some rituals.” Hayden replied, “You can think about what kind of ring you like, and then tell me, and I will buy it for you. This will prevent you from not liking the ring I gave you. “

“No! As long as it is given to me by you, I like it.” Joanna completely opened up her heart when she talked about the emotion, “Even if it is a grass ring, I like it.”

The two talked and entered the room.

Hayden’s room was in cool colors, although it lacked a warm feeling, it was clean and tidy.

Joanna’s eyes naturally fell on the big bed, and asked, “Does my daughter sleep in the middle at night?”

Hayden: “I’m a little concerned that I’m crushing her.”

Joanna: “Then buy a bed rail, I will sleep in the middle.” Joanna smiled, “The mother and baby store should still be open at the moment, let the driver buy it, and it should be available.”

“Okay, I’ll ask the driver to buy it.” After Hayden finished speaking, he went out.

Joanna walked to the bed, called her mother, and told her her future plans and arrangements.

Mrs. Picard was very happy, “Then I will go back to my hometown early tomorrow morning. Then I will come with your father and younger brother to meet Hayden’s parents.”

Joanna: “Well. Mom, I always feel like I’m dreaming. How can I have such good luck to marry Hayden?”

Mrs. Picard: “Joanna, don’t think about it, just take one step at a time. Life is actually very short. Whether it’s happiness or pain, when you get old and look bad, in retrospect, it’s like a flash.”

What her mother said made Joanna feel much more at ease.

No matter what, home would always be her last safe haven.

After the May Day holiday, Joanna went back to work in the dessert shop.

Juliette took Joanna to look carefully, and she always felt that she seemed to have changed.

Juliette: “You are becoming more and more wealthy!”

“Okay, don’t tease me. Why is the business of the dessert shop so good today?” Joanna planned to help.

“It is estimated that many of them are employees of your husband’s company!” Juliette smiled, “Have you changed your name to him as husband?”

Joanna covered her face with her hands and hid in the office.


A well-dressed young woman entered the store and asked to see Joanna by name.


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