Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2866 By verygoodnovel.com

Chapter 2866 

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Gwen was astonished to hear Nigel’s mature voice coming from the other side of the call. “How… How did Nigel do it?” 

Joshua tried calling Sean, yet the call did not go through. How did Nigel contact Sean from so far away, especially when Sean’s phone was off the network? Did he have some kind of superpower? 

“Before Sean came over, Nigel had given him a special piece of jewelry.” Joshua furrowed his brow as he listened to Nigel repeating what Sean told him and explained it to Gwen in a low voice. “It was the same type of jewelry Luna and the kids used to communicate right in front of me back in the past. Sean was sent here by Nigel to protect Riley. 

“During his operation, he had to avoid many surveillance cameras, so Nigel gave him the jewelry. That’s why we can’t contact Sean, but Nigel can.” 

Even after the explanation, Gwen still felt puzzled by it all. Although she did not understand entirely how it worked, she realized one thing: Nigel was a genius. 

A genius in computers and telecommunication. 

Shortly, Nigel described Sean’s situation based on the jewelry Sean was wearing. Sean had not left the Hughes family’s residence, and he was not in any danger. He was in a room that stored many documents. As he flipped through those documents, it was all the fake accounts the Hughes family had been reporting throughout all those years. 

Under Joshua’s and the exclusive communication channel between Nigel and Sean, Sean took photographs of all those fake accounts and the evidence of corruption. Nonetheless, the amount of data from those photographs was too large. Sean could not send all of the data out at one time and could only save it on his phone, which could not detect any signal. 

Joshua then requested Nigel to inform Sean to stay in the document room for the time being. Steven once said that his parents had done many bad deeds in the past. Thus, they set up many traps and secret passages in the residence so that no one could easily discover the skeletons in their closet. 

Since Sean was safe, it would be best for him to stay put. The consequences would be unbearable if he accidentally triggered a trap should he try to leave. 

“Daddy.” After Joshua requested Sean to stay put, Nigel said helplessly over the phone, “Uncle Sean said… he’s worried about Denise. He said if we could help save Denise, then he’s willing to stay in the document room forever, even if he has to eat paper to survive. If we can’t save Denise…” 

Nigel sighed. “No matter how dangerous it could be, he’s willing to take the risk. Both of them had done what a married couple would do. He can’t leave her anymore.” 

Gwen bit her lip quietly as she listened to what Nigel said. 

Maybe Sean truly was the best Denise could have. It was a blessing and good fortune that Denise could meet Sean after she realized her misdeeds were terrible. 

Joshua frowned and replied, “We’re going to save Denise, regardless of whether he asked.” 

After that, he gave Nigel a few more instructions before ending the call. 

When Joshua put down his phone, Gwen frowned and asked anxiously, “What should we do now?” 

Joshua raised his head and looked at Gwen. “Now, you’re going to go buy a matching outfit and buy a pair of couple rings with Stever. Then, you’re going to treat his parents to a meal in the city center and meet them as Steven’s girlfriend.” 


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