Remarriage Never And Go Away Chapter 12

Chapter 12 I Don’t Want to Abandon Her 

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Angela hesitated, “But… he only took Gloria to banquets to show that they were devoted to each other, so as to bring opportunities to their company. How could he take me to the party?”

Martha smiled disdainfully. “The situation has changed.”


She took Angela to sit down, “What was Gloria’s status in the past? Now your father has seized all their property. Gloria already has nothing. Now you are the real young lady of our White family. Do you understand?”

“But if that’s the case… Jordy will be less likely to take me to the party, right? Others will think the Collins family is unfeeling and abandoned Gloria after her father’s business collapsed.”

“Heh… Money talks now. Although your father’s business is not as huge as that of the Collins family in Los Angeles, it’s at the top of the list. Old Joseph allowed Gloria to marry Jordy, because he was interested in the White family’s ability, wasn’t he? Only cooperation between powerful people can bring greater benefits. Now she’s down. What do you think?”

Seeing Angela’s silent and thoughtful appearance, Martha added, “Jordy came to see you secretly in the past, but now he comes to you so often. Old Joseph didn’t stop him or warn us to control you. It means that he agrees that you two can be together, doesn’t it?”

At the beginning, old Joseph implicitly reminded them of protecting their reputation.

Angela thought for a while and said, “You have a point. I’ll talk to Jordy.”

What happened on the other side wasn’t so peaceful.

At the moment, the air in the president’s office of the Collins Group was tense.


Karen slapped the table angrily and said in a rage, “What! You two are getting a divorce?”

Old Joseph frowned, looked at her, and said with a frown, “Look at you! You look like a horrid fishwife!”

Hearing this, Karen laughed angrily. She raised her finger to her own nose and said, “I’m s Horrid fishwife? Then why did you marry me? Were you blind?”

Joseph’s face suddenly darkened, “I don’t want to quarrel with you! Keep your voice down. We’re in the company! Be a lady. I guess I shouldn’t have brought you here!”

Jordy sat on the boss’ chair with a sullen look and looked at the old couple who were sitting on the sofa with a headache.

Joseph looked at Jordy and said in a flat tone, “You made the right decision. Gloria is no longer the first young lady of the White family. Angela is.”

Karen bit her teeth in anger, “What nonsense! Angela is a vixen. Are you both blind?”

“I don’t care. She saved Jordy, so Jordy has the obligation to marry her! Moreover, although the White Group is not at the top of the companies in Los Angeles, their timber business is almost the most powerful in the country. It will only do us good if we cooperate with them.”

Karen’s heart ached at the thought that her lovely granddaughter would be abandoned by them!

She slapped the table angrily again, “Who cares about that? Can you spend so much money? You will be dead in decades, and why do you still care about interests? I won’t agree!”

Jordy frowned and glanced at Joseph, as if saying why did you bring her here?

Joseph was also a little irritated. He shouldn’t have brought this crazy woman here.


Although they often quarreled, they loved each other deeply.

Jordy glanced at Karen, “Grandma, it’s not that I want to abandon Gloria, but that she is demanding a divorce.”


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