Remarriage Never And Go Away Chapter 13

Chapter 13 A Familiar Voice 

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Karen got up and strode to Jordy. She pushed him on the shoulder and said in an exasperated voice, “That’s because you hurt her! You little bastard. Just apologize to her and make up with her!”

“Grandma, I have made up my mind.” Jordy’s face also darkened.

“Oh… Oh, that is infuriating!”

Karen pretended to be dizzy. Joseph immediately said in a deep voice, “Alright, your grandma is not feeling well. I’ll leave with her. You are an adult and can make your own decision.”


Karen looked so sullen! Why hadn’t she passed out? Before she could speak, Joseph pulled her and headed outside!

“Let go of me! I haven’t done talking to him!”

But Joseph was obviously stronger than her. She looked back angrily, “Listen! You are not allowed to get a divorce.”

Soon, Jordy was alone in the office. He bowed his head and suddenly saw the ring on his finger. In order to show that he and Gloria were a sweet couple, he always wore the ring. Every time he saw the ring, he felt sick.

He frowned, took off the ring and threw it into the garbage can.

However…. he felt his finger empty. Jordy moved his fingers and thought it was because he had just taken off the ring. Soon, he went back to work.

Five days passed in a twinkling of an eye.

Gloria had been staying at home these days. She occasionally chatted with Nydia and talked about the work with Irene.

She and Jonathan hadn’t been in touch since they had dinner. On this day, she received Jonathan’s message.

–Jonathan. (Norma, would you like to have dinner with me sometime?]

-Gloria, (Mr. Brown, you have so much time?]

-Jonathan, [I always have a lot of time for beauties]

Gloria raised an eyebrow. He must have something to tell her.

-Gloria, (Well, what can I do for you?)

-Jonathan, [Give me your address? I’ll pick you up? I want to talk to you about the banquet and the lawsuit)

-Gloria, [Give me your address and I’ll go to you myself]

She didn’t want him to know her address for the time being, but she knew that he would know sooner or later if he wanted.

Looking at the address and time sent by Jonathan, Gloria replied “got it” and put down her mobile phone.

People will be mixed at the birthday party of the Murray family. Everyone there would do their own drama. So what was Jonathan’s drama that needed her cooperation?

She had a hunch that she could fulfill one of her wishes through this meeting.

She took a taxi and went to the meeting place. When she got off the taxi, Jonathan arrived.

He rolled down the window and looked at Gloria. She was in a purple and white floral dress. An amazed look flashed across his eyes. He pushed the sunglasses on his face and said, “Miss White, it seems inconvenient for you to hail a taxi? Shall I go with you to buy a car tomorrow?”

Gloria raised an eyebrow. She really needed a car now.

“No, I’m not good at driving.”

Jonathan smiled, “Why don’t you get in? I’ll park.”

Gloria nodded, turned around and walked inside.

The waitress came up to her at once, “Hello, how many guests will there be?”

Gloria turned on her cell phone and showed her a picture, “Two, this is our box.”

Two people who were waiting for the elevator suddenly heard a familiar voice and looked back together.


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