Remarriage Never And Go Away Chapter 14

Chapter 14 So I’m Your Wife? 

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Jordy’s look turned cold. He knew that Gloria had been planning something!

He probably needed to divorce her as soon as possible. Otherwise, his grandma might make a big scene. This afternoon, she had called him countless times.

Angela’s coldness in her eyes suddenly became stronger. Why did she meet Gloria again?

Both of them had turned their heads, and she could not pretend not to see her.

Angela took a light breath, and said with a smile, “Gloria.”

Gloria looked at them in some surprise. Angela and Jordy were so intimate. She gave them a smile, “What a coincidence!”

Angela saw that Jordy had been looking at Gloria from the corner of her eye. She turned a little flustered and then smiled elegantly, “Gloria, are you here to see Jordy? We are going to have dinner. Would you like to join us? You had coffee with your schoolmate the other day and Jordy misunderstood. You two can make it clear while eating.”

Gloria smiled. She was so eloquent. She deliberately emphasized ‘we’ and made her look like an outsider. Moreover, she implied that she was a tramp who hooked up with other men before she divorced Jordy. She was good at implying things.

Jordy looked colder. Gloria didn’t mind at all, “There’s nothing we can talk about. I’ll leave you two to your candlelight dinner.”

“You will?” Jordy snorted coldly.

Just when he was going to tell Gloria that they could go to the courthouse tomorrow to get the divorce licenses, the door was suddenly pushed open.

They could see Jonathan’s figure. An amazed look flashed across Angela’s eyes, but Jordy was more handsome than him.

Gloria turned around, and Jonathan was walking to her. Seeing that she didn’t go inside, he wondered, “Why don’t you wait for me in there?”

Angela was confused.

Gloria wasn’t here to see Jordy?

Jordy’s look turned instantly stern! When did she hook up with Jonathan?

Gloria smiled, “I want to go up after them.”

Jonathan followed the direction pointed by her and saw two people standing before the elevator. Jonathan’s smile widened, “Mr. Collins is also here.”

After that, he looked at Gloria, “Our boxes should be on the same floor. Why don’t we go up with them?”

He wanted to see what would happen between Jordy and Gloria.

The corner of Gloria’s mouth twitched slightly, but she didn’t mind, and just nodded, “Okay.”

With that, she walked to Jordy and Angela.

Jonathan followed her with great interest. He never saw Jordy have such a sullen face. The smile on his lips was wider, “Mr. Collins, are you upset?”

“Mr. Brown, why are you here with my wife?” Although he said this to Jonathan, he stared at Gloria with sharp eyes.

Angela’s heart did a somersault. Jordy thought Gloria was cheating on him and was angry… with her? They were going to get a divorce. Why did he still care about her so much?

But at the next moment, she reacted. This was a man’s possessiveness, not that he loved her.

Jonathan seemed a little surprised, “Gloria is your wife?”

Gloria saw Angela hold Jordy’s arm more tightly.

She slowly showed a smile with some sarcasm in her eyes, “So I’m your wife?”

Because they were talking, they missed the last elevator. The next one had come. The other three people remained motionless in situ, so Gloria took the lead in walking in the elevator. Jonathan saw that Angela and

Jordy didn’t intend to come in the elevator. He remained interested, “Are you taking the next one?”


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