Remarriage Never And Go Away Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Idle Pleasures 

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Angela frowned, looked at Gloria, and said to her as if she really cared about her, “Gloria, talk over problems, Don’t bottle them up inside. You can’t always be so stubborn!


She played with language again. Was she trying to imply that she fooled around with other men and always cheated on Jordy?

Noticing Jordy’s more somber eyes, Gloria pressed the floor number and said with a smile, “If you are not going to take this one, we’ll leave.”

With that, she pressed the close button.

Jonathan looked at Gloria with a smile until the elevator door was closed. He didn’t see any changes in Gloria’s expression. His eyes were full of surprise, “So you were just pretending to love each other?”

Gloria tilted her head slightly, “Mr. Brown, you are so smart. Why would you ask that?”

Jonathan smiled and looked at her empty fair fingers. He tutted,

“Your fingers are flawless, but they are empty. Why don’t I give something to you?”

Gloria looked at him with a confused look, “What will you give me?”

Jonathan smiled, “It won’t be a surprise if I tell you.”

Gloria seized him up and the elevator stopped. They went out in tandem and entered their box

The waiter served the dishes as usual, and the two occasionally talked.

Jonathan delivered his words in slow, measured cadences. Even if Gloria often heard that he had flings with many women, she couldn’t believe that he was a playboy.

After all the dishes were served, the waiter closed the door, and the box became their private space again.

Gloria picked up her fork naturally. Although they were here for business, she preferred to fill her stomach first

“Thanks for inviting me to dinner, again.”

Jonathan smiled. When he ate with other partners, none of them dared to start to eat before he did, and they wouldn’t be in the mood to eat. But she was different. She ate immediately after she came in, and left the business behind.

Jonathan also picked up his fork, “We won’t drink?”

“We’ll mess up things if we drink.”

That night, she was drugged, just because she took the initiative to drink the wine.

If she hadn’t made such a mistake that night, she might still have had a complete life.

When she was half full, she looked up at Jonathan who was eating leisurely, “Why did you want to see me?”

To be exact, she wanted to know his purpose, and why he agreed to help her.

Jonathan said with a smile, “I just want to invite you to dinner.”

Gloria raised an eyebrow, “You have the idle pleasures, huh?”

At the moment, Jordy and Angela were also in the box, and the waiter had already served the food they ordered.

But… The temperature in the room was so low that Angela felt like she was going to be frozen.

Jordy sat on the chair with a somber look. He didn’t even touch his fork.

Light flickered in Angela’s eyes, and she was confused.

Gloria did that on purpose? She got in with Jonathan, and knew she and Jordy would eat here, so she took

Jonathan here to make Jordy jealous?

She made a lot of effort and begged Jordy to take her here for dinner, but they met her! She wasn’t in the mood to eat anymore.

She didn’t know that Gloria could play such a good trick.

Angela relaxed her mind and sighed, “Jordy, don’t be angry with Gloria. There are too many misunderstandings between you two, and you are giving each other the silent treatment.”

Jordy looked cold, “I’m not, okay?”

Angela’s eyes twinkled slightly, and she said, “Well, maybe you’re not, but Gloria is doing that. If it goes on like this, you might have to get a divorce even if you don’t want to. You saw Gloria and Mr. Brown talking and laughing, didn’t you? Mr. Brown is a playboy. He is good at coaxing girls. You should feel threatened.”

Jordy’s pupils shrank slightly, and he was not in the mood to sit here anymore. He directly got up. “I’m going to the bathroom.”

However, as soon as he got to the bathroom, he saw Gloria coming out of the bathroom. His eyes turned stern and gloomy instantly.

The corner of Gloria’s mouth twitched. She actually met him again?

She wanted to ask Jordy when they would get divorce licenses, but Jordy seemed to ignore her on purpose. She didn’t bother about it, turned around and went back to her box.


Her head swam. Before she could respond, she had been dragged into another empty box by Jordy!


The door was slammed shut by him!


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