Remarriage Never And Go Away Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Why Don’t We Get the Divorce Licenses? 

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Jordy grabbed her wrists and she couldn’t move,

Looking at the paranoid man in front of her, she sneered and said with a frown, “Mr. Collins, what are you doing?”

He was the one who wanted a divorce and wanted to be with Angela. Why was he doing this to her? Just because she had dinner with Jonathan?

She almost thought that he had feelings for her.

But she knew how hard the past few years were. She knew that she would never repeat her mistakes, nor would she think naively that she could make him love her.

She had given up.

Seeing that there was no more affection for him in her eyes but all impatience, Jordy said to her in a cold voice with stern eyes, “Gloria, we haven’t got divorced, and you are so anxious to hook up with other men?”

Gloria laughed angrily, “Are you serious? You are the one who is anxious to hook up with others, aren’t you?”

During the marriage, he had been taking care of Angela and his all attention was on her. She only got in with Jonathan because of business after they decided to get a divorce. For the first time, she thought that Jordy was so irrational.

Jordy’s sharp eyes were never off her face, as if he were going to cut her face into pieces.

But Gloria was fearless, “Since you think I have gone too far, why don’t you give your work to your men and take some time to get the divorce licenses with me?”


Jordy shouted her name, grinding his molar teeth. Looking at the scornful look in Gloria’s eyes, he uttered a snorting laugh, “You think I don’t want to get the divorce licenses with you?”

Gloria raised an eyebrow and said in a flat tone, “Then let’s get the thing done quickly.”

When she saw Jordy again, she would still feel terrible, but after being tortured and cold-shouldered by him for three years, she had become stronger and wouldn’t feel as terrible as before.

Jordy was in a rage! He wished he could eat her alive, and he grabbed her wrists more and more tightly.

Gloria frowned, “Since you hate me so much, can you let go of me?”

It hurt very much.

She knew that he would never pity her. No, his heart would never ache for her, but Jordy was very gentle to Angela

Jordy looked at her coldly, “Gloria, I don’t care what you are thinking, and I don’t care who you are with. But we haven’t got divorced. So, you are still my wife. You’d better do what a wife should do and be a good daughter of our Collins family! If you still remember grandma’s kindness to you, don’t bring trouble to our Collins family!”

Gloria’s eyelashes fluttered. Heh…

Fortunately, she didn’t think too much just now. Jordy was so angry because they hadn’t got divorced yet. She couldn’t bring any shame on the Collins family, otherwise, it would certainly have an impact on the stock value of the company.

Jordy looked at her coldly. Seeing that she seemed to compromise, he sneered again, “Gloria”

Before he finished speaking, Gloria suddenly said with a smile, “Mr. Collins, grandma never cared about money or fame She just wants us to live a happy life. You are her grandson. You can’t even do that. How am I supposed to do that? So, I will repay grandma in other ways.”

Jordy’s expression grew colder. Gloria raised her eyes and said, “Grandma’s kindness to me has never been anything you can threaten me with.”


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