Remarriage Never And Go Away Chapter 21

Chapter 21 Our Relationship Would End Badly

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Gloria sighed, “Grandma… he doesn’t love me at all. You know that. If I stay in this marriage, he’ll get sick of me. I should divorce him. This will be the best for both of us.”

Gloria’s voice trailed off when the last few words came out of her mouth.

Karen felt sad and paled,

What a great granddaughter-in-law she is!

That bastard Jordy is gonna lose her!

Gloria insisted that she should divorce Jordy, and nothing could dissuade her from that idea. Even though

Karen liked her and wanted her to stay as Jordy’s wife, Karen had to stop being selfish…

Jordy never loved Gloria with all his heart. She had been living without him all year round. He never did his husbandly duty to take care of her. If they were forced to be together any longer, she would only get hurt.

But Karen could not bear to see them apart. She was feeling a storm of mixed emotions!

Now all she wanted to do was call Jordy. She was furious with him.

Karen took a deep breath before saying, “Gloria, hold on a second. I am gonna call that bastard!”


Gloria’s calm voice called out before Karen could hang up. Karen’s hand on the phone trembled.

Gloria continued calmly, “You like me and have taken care of me all these years, and I appreciate that. But… all good things must come to an end. Jordy and I can’t keep this marriage going, but that doesn’t affect the bond between you and me. I’ll still think of you as my own grandmother, and I’ll visit you often and chat with

you, okay?”

Karen’s heart melted and her hand holding the phone began to shake.

Karen didn’t know what to say. It took her a long time to speak in a sobbing voice, “Okay.”

Gloria’s heart slowed a bit. Karen finally agreed to let Gloria divorce Jordy. Gloria chuckled, “…why don’t you stop calling him? The marriage between him and me is doomed to end…”

If Jordy and Gloria kept this marriage going, it would end badly someday.

Gloria was keenly aware that Karen loathed the fame and fortune of the Collins family and missed the long-lost warmth of home.

Thus, if the group went bankrupt, Karen would stand by and watch without blinking an eye.

That was why Gloria dared to take Jonathan’s case.

Karen sighed, “Alright, since you’ve made up your mind, I can only respect your choice. Gloria, you’re a good girl. Leaving you is the biggest mistake Jordy has ever made. You’ll encounter a man 100 times better than him. You deserve to have a great relationship. Don’t beat yourself up, okay?”

Gloria felt touched. Since she married into the Collins family, Karen had been the only one who gave her


“Okay, Grandma. Thank you for your support.”

Karen had a sad look on her face and shook her head. “… don’t thank me. I really appreciate all the effort that you’ve put into the Collins family without complaints. And I feel very sorry for you.”

“Grandma, don’t say that.” Gloria clenched her cell phone and continued softly, “I’ll come and see you sometime.”

“Gloria, be a good chooser of men. If you’re not sure if he’s the right one, come to me, and I’ll give you some advice. Nobody can take advantage of you!”

Gloria smiled, her eyes moist, “Okay.”

“I need to use the bathroom. I’m hanging up.”

“Bye, Grandma.”

Their conversation ended. Karen’s heart sank a little, and she looked depressed.

I’m gonna lose my granddaughter-in-law…

Forget it!

She’s my granddaughter anyway!

We become closer! That bastard Jordy will regret it!

At this thought, she could not suppress her anger anymore. She called Jordy to take out her anger on him!


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