Remarriage Never And Go Away Chapter 22

Chapter 22 Screwing Things Up!

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“Sorry, the subscriber you dialed is busy now…”

Karen slammed down her phone angrily. Suddenly, she heard Joseph’s voice from somewhere.

Karen looked confused and crept silently to the door.

“Good job! They’re getting divorced. Has the divorce decree come through yet?”

Karen’s face turned paler!

This old bastard is gonna screw things up even worse!

He doesn’t want such a good granddaughter-in-law! He’ll regret it too!

I must marry off my granddaughter to a better man! And they will know they’ve made a bad decision!

Karen thought she was wrong. She shouldn’t have forced Jordy and Gloria to be together!

This marriage was sheer torture for Gloria from start to finish. Karen should have not intervened in this.

The more Karen thought about it, the worse she felt. She began to wonder what kind of man would be good enough for her perfect granddaughter.

“You just signed the papers? This has to be quick. After it’s done, I’ll put the word out that Angela saved your life and clarify your history with Gloria.”

“Don’t worry. I know what I’m doing. What’s the point if it affects the company?”

Karen was boiling with anger.

She was not going in. She didn’t care what Joseph planned, but the point was that Jordy didn’t want Gloria anymore. She only hoped Gloria could be happier than him!

Starting today, she was going to sift through the rich young guys to find out the best one for Gloria!

Gloria slept soundly tonight.

After due consideration, she decided not to live in a villa but found an apartment closer to her workplace.

The next day, Gloria took a nap after breakfast. She had been behaving in a frightened way since she married into the Collins family. She enjoyed such a morning nap for the first time.

As she stretched, her cell phone rang. She raised an eyebrow at the caller ID.

The call was from one of her best friends, a lawyer who liked to have fun.

Gloria answered the phone. Before she could speak, an excited voice squeaked, “Gloria, I need you! Are you

available now?”

Gloria’s mouth twitched. “Are you in trouble again?”


The lawyer was in denial. Gloria asked, “What is it then?”|

“I’m so mad! That bastard cheated! He pulled out in front of me!”

Gloria frowned, “Are you racing again?”

It’s dangerous, but she likes it!

The lawyer sensed that Gloria was a little annoyed, but she could not stop begging her for help. “Gloria, please! I just don’t want to lose face. I really need your help!”

Gloria sighed, “Send me the address.”

The lawyer exulted, “Great, Gloria, show them your stuff! I’ll see you later.”

Without waiting for Gloria to respond, the lawyer hung up the phone and then sent her the address.

Without any hesitation, Gloria changed her clothes and set off.

Fifty minutes went by.

The lawyer kept calling Gloria until she was there. The lawyer was finally relieved and ran over to hold Gloria’s hand. “Darling, you’re finally here! You are a life saver!”

Nydia looked spruce in jean suspenders with ear-length flaxen curls, and her large bright eyes stared excitedly at Gloria.

Gloria looked around at the racing cars and the spectators with a scowl. “Why are you out racing during

working hours?”

Nydia pursed her lips and gave a little shrug with her hands outstretched. “There are no cases today. You know, the law firm I work for is going bankrupt… I’m looking for another job.”

Gloria had nothing to say to her.

Gloria was wearing casual clothes and dark glasses, but she exuded queenliness, attracting a lot of attention

She even caught the attention of Nydia’s rivals.

A voice full of disdain suddenly rang out. “Hey, is this the extra pair of hands you’ve got?”


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