Remarriage Never And Go Away Chapter 23

Chapter 23 Dazzled by Her Performance

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He thought Nydia would get some great racing driver, but it turned out that she got a woman,

It was quite boring

Nydia sneered. You thought Gloria was just a driver? We’ll see! She’s gonna surprise you!

“Yup, she’s here to help! Good luck with that!”

“Are you kidding? I wasn’t born yesterday. Nydia, throw in the towel. I’m giving you the chance. She’s just a woman.”

Gloria followed the sound of his voice and saw a handsome man blowing out some smoke rings. Her brow furrowed.

It was George

He was Jordy’s friend. As a promising young lawyer, he was hailed as the second Norma.

Gloria changed up her look today. Though she looked similar to George, he didn’t recognize her at once.

Nydia snapped, “What’s wrong with being a woman? Can’t a woman drive? Can’t you put prejudices aside for

one day?”

George snorted, “Alright, come on. I haven’t got all day.”

He snuffed out his cigarette and got into his car.

Nydia looked at Gloria and cheered with her arms flailing wildly. “Come on, girl! I can’t wait for it!”

Gloria smiled faintly at her and got in the car.

After a long wait, the referee finally saw them get in the cars and raised his hand.

The referee’s hand dropped to his side, and immediately, George and Gloria started their cars!

George took Gloria lightly and acted too slowly. He didn’t expect her to get a head start on him.

Gloria’s car hurtled out!

One blink later, it was gone!

Nydia stood there and exclaimed with joy, “Honey, you’re the best.”

Those spectators were all shocked. “Is George the first?”.

“No! It’s that woman!”

“My God! She’s driving so fast! Is she an international racing driver?”

“Who is that woman? Do you know her?”

One minute those spectators praised George so much, the next they were dazzled by Gloria’s performance and couldn’t help talking about her.

“Damn it! George muttered a curse and sped up. He became very focused.

But he couldn’t keep up with Gloria no matter how hard he tried. Worse, he was getting further and further

away from her!

George was stupefied I’m gonna lose to a woman!

How can this be?

At most, he could see the rear of Gloria’s car in the distance. Nydia was about to jump for joy when Gloria reached the finishing line!

“You shouldn’t think less of women!” Nydia said, with her head in the air. “You lost!”

George looked depressed. “Damn it! I was careless.”

He looked at Gloria and said seriously, “You won. I will give Nydia what she deserves. Let’s do it one more

time, you and me.”

Nydia was amused. “You wish! Who are you to challenge her?”

Gloria said calmly, “Excuse me, I’ve got things to do today.”

Nydia took Gloria by the hand and gave George a defiant look. “Transfer the money to me as soon as possible. I’m telling you, I’m not a woman to be trifled with. One more word out of you, and I’ll beat your face into a pulp!”


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