Remarriage Never And Go Away Chapter 26

Chapter 26 Going to the Bathroom After a Small Sip?

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Jordy, George, and Carlos Green were brothers from another mother.

George was mercurial and short-tempered sometimes

Carlos came from a wealthy and powerful family and was mild-mannered and nice-looking yet cold-hearted.

They treated each other like family.

“I found the necklace my mom used to wear.”

Jordy looked up at George and said nothing.

Carlos exclaimed, “Oh, finally.”

George scowled, “But now it’s on a hateful woman! I lost to her! Damn it!”

“Get to the point,” said Jordy in a deep voice.

Jordy and Carlos both knew how important that necklace was to George.

George gritted his teeth and told the whole story.

Carlos scoffed, “So it’s important to her too? Something that belonged to her mother?”

George snarled through his gritted teeth, “Bullshit! She was lying! But I tricked her into competing with me. I deserved it. Otherwise, how could I have let her get a helper? Who would have thought she’d get such a good one?”

“Even an international racing driver is no match for her!”

Jordy was surprised that George spoke highly of a woman.

George suddenly looked at Jordy. “She’s as good as you! How could I win the game?”

Carlos chuckled, “That’s funny.”

Jordy looked indifferent and said nothing. He got up and walked out.

George raised an eyebrow, looked after Jordy, and said, “Are you going to the bathroom after a little drink? Is there something wrong with you? Why don’t you ask Carlos to give you a check-up? What if it will cost you your future happiness?”

Jordy gave him a cold look, opened the door, and left.

Before he reached the corner, an urgent voice suddenly rang out.

“Gloria, what are you thinking? Since you’re divorced, why don’t you give him a chance?”

Jordy stopped in his tracks.

Just around the corner, Gloria’s voice rang out again. “I’m a divorced woman. He’s kind of out of my league.”

Jordy recognized the voice and changed color. It was Gloria!

She’s going through a divorce, but she’s ready to get another man! Damn it!

Nydia continued anxiously, “What are you talking about, honey? He’s been into you for five years. If you hadn’t married the wrong man, you’d have been very happy now!”

Jordy’s mouth tightened into a thin line. Happy? She’s too vain to gain happiness no matter who she decides to marry.

“Nydia…” Gloria said resignedly.

“Why do you avoid him? You can’t stay outside all the time. We’re holding this party to celebrate your divorce. It’s all about you. Let’s hurry back.”

“Nydia, l…”

“There, there!”

Nydia took Gloria’s hand and pulled her back into the box.

Jordy didn’t come out of the corner until the door was closed. He looked coldly at the door to the box and clenched his fists.



Before you can get a divorce, you’re still Mrs. Collins. If some nasty words get out, I’m gonna kill you!

At this thought, Jordy went straight to her box! He wanted to see who was stupid enough to have a crush on Gloria!


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