Remarriage Never And Go Away Chapter 27

Chapter 27 Can’t You Just Get the Paperwork Moving?

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There came a loud bang!

Gloria entered the box and still felt embarrassed. Suddenly all the people there heard some noises and looked towards the door.

A tall, handsome man in a tailored suit barged in. He exuded immense superiority and a pervading dignity.

He cast his freezing aura over the place, and his sharp eyes swept all the people there.

Gloria frowned. What is he doing here?

Jordy was shocked to see a large bouquet of roses sitting beside Gloria.

He sneered, “It seems that you can’t wait to see your lover.”

Bryson’s warm eyes turned cold. Before he could speak, Gloria snapped, “Jordy, watch your mouth!”

Jordy stared at her gloomily. “Gloria, you and I are in the process of getting a divorce. You should not be here with your lover. Have you ever considered how it may make me feel?”

Anger choked Gloria’s words. Nydia glared at Jordy and shouted, “Jordy, what the hell are you doing here? You gave Gloria the cold shoulder when she gave up everything to be a stay-at-home wife. You’ve already signed the divorce papers. Are you going back on it? Do you think this is funny?”

Nydia was outspoken. She didn’t care if Jordy was powerful or not.

She could not watch him bully Gloria!

Jordy behaved more oppressively!

All the people there couldn’t help holding their breaths.

Bryson rose to his feet, stood in front of Gloria, and said coldly, “Mr. Collins, you’re a well-known decisive leader. Just let her go, or people may call you a laughingstock.”

“A laughingstock?” Jordy’s sharp eyes fell on Bryson’s face as he scoffed, “What’s wrong with you, young man? Are you proud of getting between us?”

Bryson’s face dropped. “Mr. Collins, don’t be so mean! Gloria is finally free from the horrible marriage. Stop pestering her! Otherwise, things will get worse and greatly affect the Collins Group.”

“If I were that weak, my company would go out of business long ago,” Jordy said with heavy irony.

Gloria took Bryson by the arm. “Bryson.”

Gloria took Bryson by the arm. “Bryson.”

Powerful as the Lloyd family was, it might find it hard to compete with the Collins family. Even if they were on

a par with each other, Gloria didn’t want Bryson to risk anything for her.

Bryson turned his head and saw Gloria shake her head at him and come out from behind him.

Jordy watched this and his face darkened. He clutched Gloria’s arm and pulled her out.

Jordy! Enough!”

Nydia’s angry voice came from behind Gloria. Gloria turned her head and shook her head at them. “Just a moment. I want some personal space to handle this. I’ll be right back.”

With that, she went straight out after Jordy.

Later, they stopped at a corner. Gloria failed to wrench herself free and frowned, “I’m not leaving. Let go of

What is it? Say it.”

She wondered why she couldn’t avoid him!

In the past, she did everything she could for attention, but he always refused to see her. Now she tried everything to avoid him but failed. She hated this evil twist of fate.

Jordy threw her hand away and grew black as a thunder cloud. “Gloria, I’ve told you more than once that you’re still my wife before our marriage ends! If you dare to fool around with men again, you’ll be sorry!”

Gloria looked up at him impatiently. ‘Can’t you just get the paperwork moving?”


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