Remarriage Never And Go Away Chapter 29

Chapter 29 Do Not Fall Into His Trap!

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Karen was still wondering who was good enough for Gloria. She picked up her phone to do some online research,

Unexpectedly, a piece of news popped up.

“Mrs. Collins is in the passenger seat of the car of Mr. Brown, president of the Brown Group.”

Karen’s eyes widened!


He was a playboy. Karen rarely watched the news, but she knew he had many women around him! He was not

good enough for Gloria!

Is it literally a clickbait?

With that in mind, she clicked the headline.

In the picture, Gloria was getting out of Jonathan’s car! Their faces could be seen clearly.

How did this happen?

Karen called Gloria immediately!

“Sorry, please hold the line. The subscriber you dialed is busy now…”

Karen hung up the phone. Her face clouded over with worry.

Gloria, meanwhile, was on the phone with Nydia.

Gloria frowned slightly when she heard Nydia’s excited voice. “Why are you shouting late at night? You sang a

lot at the club just now.”

“Aaaaaaaargh! You’re with somebody else, right? This is happening too fast. Bryson must be sad!”

Gloria frowned slightly, “What are you talking about?”

“Honey, stop playing dumb. It’s all over Twitter. It’s inundated with hashtags, ‘Mrs. Collins is in Jonathan’s car?’ You’re a trending topic!”

Gloria was puzzled.

She remembered what happened that day. Why is it trending today? Is Jonathan behind the back?

Gloria was stunned when Karen’s call came in again. She already knew the reason and said, “Jordy’s

grandmother is on the line. I’ll call you later.”

Nydia knew Karen was kind to Gloria and said in a dull voice, “Okay, tell me more about the news later!”

“Come on, go to bed!”

Gloria answered the phone. Things went just as she had expected.

“Gloria, I know you’re upset and might want to find some guy to relieve the pain, but Jonathan isn’t a good choice.”


Before Gloria could continue, Karen chimed in anxiously, “I am saying this not because the Collins family is going against the Brown family. I truly hope you have a happy life, but Jonathan won’t make that happen. He’s a playboy!”

Gloria felt warm. No matter what happened, Karen still cared for her.

“He goes after you because of your pretty face and beautiful body. You must not fall into his trap! I’m finding you a good man. You’re not seeing him again, okay?”

Gloria felt moved and tried not to laugh.

“Don’t worry, Grandma. It’s not what you think. Jonathan and I have some business to talk about. That’s why we’re in touch.”

“Really…?” Karen asked suspiciously. Gloria interrupted her before she could continue.

“Yes, Grandma. I’ve put my love life aside.” Gloria sounded dejected. Even if she didn’t say it right out, Karen knew her grandson hurt her feelings.

After a pause, Gloria spoke, “Grandma, you don’t have to worry about me…”


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