Remarriage Never And Go Away Chapter 34

Chapter 34 Something Going On Between Them

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“You’ll know someday.”

“What? We’re friends, aren’t we?”

“How about I cook for you tonight?”


Nydia was a foodie. Gloria cooked as well as a chef. In this way, Gloria managed to drag Nydia’s wayward attention to the food.

“Of course.”

“I want roast beef, shrimp pâté, and smoked salmon…”

Nydia blurted out several dishes.

Gloria’s mouth twitched. “Can you eat all of them?”

“Of course! I’m a big eater!”


They talked and laughed on the way home. Suddenly, they heard the doorbell ring when they were washing produce.

Nydia wondered, “Who is it? Did you tell anybody this address?”

Gloria frowned slightly. Only Jordy, Angela, and Nydia knew Gloria’s home address.

So did Jonathan. But he didn’t know the house number.

Jordy and Angela couldn’t possibly be here.

Gloria put down the food and wiped her hands on a tissue. “I’ll go check.”

Nydia walked after her. When she checked the video doorbell, she was shocked. “Oh my God, it’s Jonathan!”

In the video, Gloria saw Jonathan holding two gift boxes,

It seemed that he came prepared. Gloria had to open the door.

Jonathan was a little surprised to see Gloria in her apron. “Are you cooking?”

Gloria nodded and looked at him suspiciously. “Mr. Brown, what brings you here at this hour?”

Jonathan smiled, “Shall I come in?”

Gloria stepped aside and found him a pair of slippers.

Jonathan closed the door and handed Gloria the gift boxes. He spotted someone else in the kitchen when he was about to speak. He raised his eyebrows in surprise. “Nydia’s here.”

Nydia turned around in amazement. “Mr. Brown, you know me?”

“I know all Gloria’s friends.”

Nydia gave him a thumbs-up.

Jonathan told the truth to avoid being questioned about whether he did a background check on Gloria.

Gloria looked at the boxes and asked, “What’s in them?”

“The party dress, it’s your size. Try it on. If it doesn’t fit, I’ll get it resized.”

Nydia was shocked. “You know Gloria’s size?”

He hasn’t touched her body yet. He’s exaggerating!

Gloria pursed her lips and said, “Mr. Brown, you must know much about women. You have sharp eyes.”

Jonathan raised an eyebrow and answered her sarcasm with a gentle smile. “Can I stay for lunch?”

Nydia sized him up suspiciously. His eyes never left Gloria as if they had known each other for a long time.

Nydia could not tell anything from Gloria’s face. She rubbed her chin and concluded that something was going on between them! Nydia decided to observe them silently. Gloria dumped that jerk and was single again. Maybe she would feel better flirting with a new man in her life.

Gloria did not refuse but said softly, “Alright, I’ll get back into cooking. Mr. Brown, have a seat.”

“No, let me help you.”

He unbuttoned his sleeves and rolled them up.

Nydia watched this blankly and imagined if he was getting his clothes off the next moment.

With no airs and graces, Jonathan washed produce and smiled, “Is there anything else I can help you with?”


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