Remarriage Never And Go Away Chapter 36

Chapter 36 Jesus! Are You Crazy!

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Nydia’s voice was tinged with worry. She always felt that Gloria was going to experience an unpredictable twist of fate.

Everyone knew that Gloria and Jordy would display affection in public at every banquet they attended, but


Jonathan arched an eyebrow without saying anything.

If Gloria attended the party with him, it would give a heavy blow to the Collins family. That was what he expected.

Gloria curled her lips. “Don’t worry.”

She had to carry out her plan sooner or later. Moreover, she had lost her patience with Jordy, so there was no

need to tolerate him.

Even if Gloria did nothing, Angela would try her best to break them up. She thought it would be better to end this relationship on her own so that she could be in control.

Nydia sighed. “That’s not a bad idea. You can get divorced more smoothly in that way.”

Jonathan raised his eyebrows and asked with an astonished expression as if he hadn’t known it, “What do

you mean?”

Nydia said through gritted teeth, “Jordy, that bastard, is too shameless. He has signed the divorce paper, but he’s dragging his feet over getting the divorce certificate. Gloria is a nice woman. She deserves a better man!”

Jonathan nodded in agreement. “I agree. After Gloria gets divorced, I think she can consider me as a


Words failed Nydia.

How did they get to know each other? Gloria didn’t tell Nydia about it, so Nydia didn’t have the nerve to talk casually with Mr. Brown for fear that she annoyed him.!

Fortunately, Mr. Brown didn’t ask Nydia personal questions about Gloria.

After Jonathan left, she needed to question Gloria!

Gloria smiled faintly. “Mr. Brown has seen all kinds of beauties, and I am just like a bouquet of wild flowers that no one will notice.”

Jonathan raised his eyebrows and chuckled. “No, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I like wild flowers.”

that no one will notice.”

Jonathan raised his eyebrows and chuckled, “No, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I like wild flowers.”

Jonathan was a womanizer, so it was not unusual for him to have a glib tongue.

Gloria and Nydia didn’t take it personally.

They finished the meal, while talking and laughing. After the meal, Nydia scrambled to wash the dishes. Jonathan turned to look at Gloria. “How about you try on the full dress?”

Gloria’s eyes were glittering. “I’ll try it on tonight. I’ll contact you if there’s anything.”

Jonathan was gentlemanly, so he wouldn’t force Gloria. Seeing that it was a bit late at night, he decided to leave as he knew he would be an annoyance to them if he stayed any longer. He rose to his feet, smiling. “I’m leaving. You should rest early.”

Evidently, Nydia was planning on staying at Gloria’s home tonight.

Gloria nodded, smiling. “Alright, you take care, Mr. Brown.”

Jonathan scowled. “We’ve eaten together several times. Today, I even had the food you cooked. So we should be friends now, shouldn’t we?”

When Nydia washed dishes, she peeped at them and felt there was a mild flirtation between them.

Gloria smiled without any reply. Jonathan walked to the door and said in an undertone after changing his shoes, “Call me Jonathan.”

Gloria’s eyes flashed. “OK.”

Jonathan smiled and left.

After the door closed for some time, Nydia finished washing the dishes. She wiped her wet hand with tissue and looked at Gloria suspiciously. “What happened between you two?”

Perceiving that Gloria was going to answer her perfunctorily, Nydia raised her arm immediately. “Level with me! Don’t try to fool me!”

Gloria sighed helplessly. She didn’t divulge anything about Jonathan to Nydia because she didn’t want to bother Nydia. However, if she kept hiding it from Nydia, she was afraid that Nydia might misunderstand her. Therefore, she told Nydia some trivial things and avoided the importance, like her cooperation with Jonathan.

When Nydia heard Gloria talk about her intentions to attend the bouquet, her face changed color. She stood up right away. “Jesus! Are you crazy? You’re going to…”


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