Remarriage Never And Go Away Chapter 37

Chapter 37 The Party Kicked off

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Gloria stared at Nydia and nodded before Nydia finished since she had known what Nydia was going to say. “This is the only way. I’ve shown extreme forbearance to him, but he’s unthankful.”

Nydia stared at Gloria in wide-eyed wonder. “Gloria, are you sure you’re ready? Once you come to this, some things can’t be fixed anymore!”

Gloria arched an eyebrow. “What? You keep asking me not to stick around for him. Now I’ve made up my mind, but you want me to reconsider it?”

“I wish you to sever the tie with him for good and stay away from him!” Nydia said firmly, but the next moment she felt torn. “I’m worried you might regret it and feel sadder than before. Maybe breaking up with him can put you out of your misery, but what if losing him inflicts more pain on you?”

Gloria grinned and put one of her hands on Nydia’s hand. “It won’t happen. Don’t worry.”

Nydia’s eyes twinkled and she finally nodded. “Um, I trust you, alas…”

She parted her lips but withheld her words, for she was afraid that Gloria would change her mind. Anyway, as far as Nydia was concerned, Gloria should get divorced!

Nydia noticed the gift box on the sofa and hastened to speak, “Eek, is it the full dress? Why not give it a shot?”

“Don’t bother.”

“Huh?” Nydia had taken the gift box and felt confused at Gloria’s words. “You’re not going to wear the dress he gave you?”

“Yes.” Gloria watched the full dress that Nydia took out and said with a serious look, “Jonathan is just a partner. After the cooperation is over, we’ll be strangers to each other.”

“Well… Why didn’t you ask him to take it away?” While saying, a trace of admiration flashed across her eyes. “What a beautiful dress! Money really talks!”

Gloria took no notice of how luxurious the dress was. “He wouldn’t take it away even if I required it.”

Nydia rested her chin on her hand. “Tsk. I can never live the life of a rich man.”

Gloria frowned, lifted her hand and poked Nydia’s forehead. “Aren’t you from a rich family? You can’t forgive your father until now? He had his reasons for what he had done.”

“Reasons?” Nydia’s face clouded over instantly. “Gloria, don’t try to convince me. I won’t accept them as my parents. They have other children, and I mean nothing to them. Maybe he picked me up somewhere on a whim.”


“Let’s not talk about it. Gloria, you really don’t try it on? I believe you’ll look gorgeous in this red dress. If you put it on, you’ll dazzle all the attendees!”

Gloria pursed her lips and changed the subject. She patted Nydia’s shoulder. “Go to sleep.”

Nydia put back the dress and nodded with a smile. “Alright, you should take a shower and sleep to get better, so that you can dazzle everyone at the bouquet. I’ll also attend it!”

Gloria was silent.

ask Bryson and Jennifer to accompany me.”

Gloria parted her lips. She didn’t want to involve them, but she felt it was better to tell them, thinking that they were her best friends.

She smacked her lips and finally withheld her words. Then she took a shower and went to sleep.

In the following days, she lived quite a comfortable life.

As she was waiting patiently, the party finally kicked off.


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