Remarriage Never And Go Away Chapter 38

Chapter 38 Don’t Worry.

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I Am Here Gloria had got into Jonathan’s car Nydia wasn’t there since she would attend the party with Bryson and Jennifer. Jonathan drove the car while Gloria was seated in the passenger seat. He looked intently at Gloria, and a faint smile lifted the corner of his lips “Why didn’t you wear the full dress prepared for you?” Gloria tilted her head to look at him.

“It doesn’t fit me, so I select more suitable dresses.

I’ll give the full dresses back to you.

You might as well give them to your other female companions.’ Jonathan was a calculating man, but he would not give Gloria much pressure, so she didn’t have to be cautious with her words. Jonathan raised his eyebrows.

“You are my only date at present Gloria chuckled without saying anything. On their way, Jonathan made a conversation with Gloria to liven the atmosphere without any effort.

They seemed to thrive in conversations and felt relaxed. It didn’t take them long to arrive at the destination. It was the birthday party of Old Henry Murray today.

A lot of guests gathered here to celebrate it. Countless cars pulled over at the entrance of the Murray’s. Many security guards were upholding the order.

The guests greeted each other while taking their chaperones inside When Jonathan’s car pulled over, many people turned to look at Jonathan with great respect There were several powerful families in this city, and their license plates were memorized by a lot of people, who tried to avoid offending the powerful and curry favor. Jonathan was from one of the most powerful families.

His arrival caught the attention of all the people who were about to go inside As the center of attention, Jonathan opened the driver’s side door Many women swooned when they saw the handsome man in a suit getting out of the car They couidn’t help but scan Jonathan up and down and wasn’t reluctant to look away. Jonathan was nearly 19 meters 1all with broad shoulders and a lean waist.

He was a typical prince charming in the eyes of women A faint smile spread over his handsome face As everyone gazed at him, he walked to the passenger side A lot of women held their breaths and jealous rage overwhelmed them, though they hadn’t seen the woman in the passenger seat. There were not many handsome men The powerful and handsome guys were rarely seen. Jordy Collins and Jonathan Brown were both good-looking and at the peak of their careers. However, Jordy had got married and he was deeply in love with his wife Jonathan was single, but he was a playboy Regardless, many women racked their brains to climb into his bed because of Jonathan’s power. status and good look The passenger side door opened slowly Jonathan was beaming and softness filled his eyes He stretched out one of his hands, waiting for his sweetheart to get out of the car. All the guests were dumbstruck.

Though Jonathan was a womanizer, he never went to a party with a date. This time, he made an exception! When everyone felt it incredulous, a fair-skinned hand was stretched out and her slender, fair fingers were placed on the man’s fingertips Jonathan held her hand as if it was a treasure, and helped her get out of the car Since his car pulled over in the corner, they couldn’t see Gloria clearly when she was in the car. It was not until she got out of the car that the crowd saw a slender figure in blue Her brown curly hair draped over her body.

She stepped forward to be coordinated with Jonathan’s movements.

Jonathan bent one of his arms Gloria froze for a moment and finally linked his arm. Jonathan cast down his eyes, bent over and whispered in her ears “Don’t worry.

You have me by your side.”


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