Remarriage Never And Go Away Chapter 39

Chapter 39 It’s a Show They put on

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Darkness gathered in Gloria’s eyes and she seemed to lose locus. She suddenly remembered that every time she attended a party with Jordy, he would hold her hand and talk to her in an affectionate voice so that all the guests would believe they were deeply in love with each other At that time, she thought she was the happiest woman in the world But later… A flash of mockery flitled across her eyes.

She smiled at Jonathan and walked to the front gate with him. When they walked around the car, Gloria’s face was revealed to the guests. Many people gasped. Gloria was wearing a light blue dress that was on her knee.

Her arms were fair skinned and slender.

Her waist was slim, and made many men swoon, Nevertheless, only Jordy could hold her waist before. Now… Jonathan didn’t fling his arm around Gloria’s waist, but they linked arms The guests were wondering what happened If they were not mistaken, ihal woman was Gloria White. Immediately, the guests exchanged looks.

Could it be that..that woman was someone who looked like Gloria, As they looked at her intently, they concluded that she was not anyone else bul Gloria Some men couldn’t refrain from going over to Jonathan and greeting him with a polite smile.


Brown, it’s been a long time.

I never thought we could meet each other at the front gate.

What a coincidence.

Hahaha…. Jonathan nodded with a gentle expression.


Phillips.” Mr Phillips would only greet Jonathan most of the time.

But it was really startling that Jonathan attended the party with Jordy’s wife, so Mr.

Phillips could no longer repress his curiosity.

He looked at Gloria and asked with puzzlement, ‘Mrs.

Collins, why are you…” Gloria seemed perfectly collected and smiled.


Phillips, it’s been a long time. Yes, it’s been so long.

You…’ Before Mr.

Phillips finished, Gloria shifted her gaze at Jonathan.

“I’m thirsty.

Let’s get in first?’ Jonathan curled his lips and nodded gentlemanly “OK” Other guests were approaching them.

Seeing they walk arm in arm, the guests were shaken up. “Oh my god! That’s Gloria White liecognize her voice.’ “I’m not blind.

I don’t need you to inform mel When did they fool around with each other? Where is Mr Collins? “Hahaha.

apparently, I’m in the right place.

I really expect the upcoming show.

I’m wondering if Mr Collins will come or not It’s the birthday party of Old Henry Murray.

The Collins family and the Murray family have a lot of common projects and a good relationship, so I’m sure M Collins will come.

Did Mr Collins and Mrs Collins have a quarrel? So Mis.

Collins is angry with MI Collins and starts a relationship with Mr Brown? “How could that be? The Collins couple has gotten along well with each other.

Due to it, the share price of Mr.

Collins’ company continues to increase if they split up, it would hurt Collins Group, which is a giant.

The slight decline of the stocks can lead to a huge loss.” “Perhaps the feud between the Collins family and the Brown family is misleading? Mr.

Brown and Mrs.

Collins are putting on a show?’ “Let’s go inside to see if it’s a show!” They couldn’t figure it out and failed to restrain their curiosity, so they strode over to follow Jonathan and Gloria The moment those women found that Gloria was Jonathan’s date, their curiosity surpassed their jealousy However… Before all the guests got inside, another luxury car drove in.

When they saw clearly the license plate, there were subtle changes and undisguised excitement in their eyes.


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