Remarriage Never And Go Away Chapter 40

Chapter 40 The Show Begins!

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That was Mr. Collins can

They were wondering if he would attend this party with a date They saw him stepping out of the car slowly, exuding robility and aloofness that made others flinch.

In comparison to Jonathan, who was gentle, joidy was aggressive and daunting After he closed the car door, he strode to the passenger side door The guest gol extremely cicited.

It seemed like they got some important secrets They riveted their gazes in the direction of Jordy, and looked forward to seeing the woman on the passenger seat At that moment, all the people only got one idea on their minds, that was, to see who Jordy’s date was.

As the guests had great expectations, the passenger side door opened Jordy didn’t hold her but said nonchalanily. “Get off.’

Angela covered the disappointment in her eyes and nodded while smiling When her face was revealed, all the onlookers were dumbstruck.

That woman!

Oh, gosh!

Wasn’t she Gloria’s cousin?

She became a vegetable because of saving Jordy… How could she recover so quickly and even go to the party with Jordy?

She wore a full red dress, forming a sharp contrast to her pale cheeks,

She lowered her head slightly and didnt act very naturally. After Jordy closed the door, she showed him an apologetic smile “Jordy, will my attendance have a bad influence on your company?

Jordy glimpsed at her and said with an Indifferent look. ‘No.’

He would marry Angela sooner or later Many things could not be concealed anymore So, Jordy decided to keep it that way, creating a flawless illusion that Collins Group would have some big moves. It would be better than making others believe that the Collins couple had separated.

Before that, he had hired some paid posters to make insinuations online Angela answered with a smile. Thank you, when the party is over, I won’t trauble you again.”

Jordy pressed his lips lightly without a word.


He felt the surrounding people acted very weirdly today Though they tried to curry favor with great respect as usual, he could sense the unnatural expressions in their faces All of them were the same.

Even Angela felt something was amiss. She looked around subconsciously and hastened to speak, “Jordy.

they seem to misunderstand us.”

Jordy retracied his gaze and strode inside ‘Don’t worry,” ||

While watching his receding figuie, Angela fell somewhat disappointed. She had been waiting for him to bend his arm, but the last shred of hope was in vain

Angela pursed her lips, neglecting others’ gazes and following Jordy Anyway, she was already satisfied that she could attend the party with Joidy.

Other guests were watching the scene. Seeing all the leading roles walk inside, they followed in, wanting to acquire more firsthand information.

Some story details might be changed if they were informed by others.

The show begins!”

‘I feel they put on such an act on purpose…’

‘I don’t think so. I heard that Mr Collins often went to the hospital to visit Angela after she regained her consciousness. Angela is Mrs. Collins’ cousin, so she’s kind of related to Mr. Collins. After she became Mr Collins’ life saver, they had more connections. They are of sirnilas ages, so it’s no wonder that they might have a crush on each other.’

“Hurry to follow them in. No more talking.”

Just then, Angela had caught up with Jordy and walked inside the living room with him shoulder by shoulder


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