Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 823

Chapter 823

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“Are you two blind? Don’t you know who I am?!”

Joseph roared, thinking the bodyguards were not showing him respect.

The most important question was, who were they? Joseph had never met them before.

“Sorry, no visitor is allowed to go in.”

Remaining severe, the two bodyguards showed no trace of emotions and were indifferent to his yelling.

“Do I need your permission to visit my brother? I’ll report you guys to the police for false imprisonment!”

Joseph tried to barge past them as he spoke.

As the bodyguards held him back, Damian seized an opportunity to slip past, but one of the bodyguards quickly seized him.

“That hurts! Ouch!”

As he whined, Joseph stopped to check on him.

“Damian, are you alright? How dare you hurt my son?!”

“Please leave!”

Barring the way, the bodyguards said unceremoniously.

“Fine, just wait!”

Joseph thundered and held up his phone to make a call.

Joseph knew his brother had already shut off his phone long ago and was only doing it for show.иσνєℓєвσσк.¢σмYet, he could hear a phone ring, and it was moving closer.

Surprised, he looked toward the sound and saw Derrick’s wife heading over with the ringing phone.

As usual, Stephanie looked void of emotion, showing nothing besides traces of sorrow.She ambled near them.

“Joseph, are you done making a scene here?” иσνєℓєвσσк.¢σмJoseph said hurriedly, “We’re not—I just want to visit my brother.Why can’t we go in?”

“Derrick doesn’t wish to see anyone and just wants to rest.”

She looked less friendly than usual.

Joseph somehow felt that something was amiss about Stephanie today.

“Did something happen? There have been some incidents in the company, so I’ve come to see him.Oh, yes, and Damian too.Since I brought him back, he’s not met Derrick yet, so it’s good if he gets to visit his uncle.”

As he hurried over, intending to wrestle power from his brother, he had not brought anything.

Stephanie saw that they came empty- handed and wondered if that was how they planned to visit a patient.She revealed a cold smile and thought it was at critical moments like these that she could see their true colors.

“There’s no need.Derrick doesn’t want to see anyone,” she said coldly.

Joseph lost his temper when she kept turning a deaf ear to his request.

“You’re too much.No matter what, he’s still my brother.Are you stopping me from seeing him because you’re trying to hide something, or do you have some agenda? “If anything happens to my brother and I can’t see him for the last time, I’ll hold you responsible!”

Stephanie looked askance at him.

‘He has started to threaten me.He must have gotten impatient, huh?’

“Why exactly are you here?” She sighed, “Have you come to pay your brother a visit or just want to make sure he would die sooner?”


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