Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 824

Chapter 824

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As Stephanie had guessed what Joseph was planning to do, he was stunned for a moment before he caught himself quickly.

“How could you accuse me of such things? What was that about me wanting my brother to die sooner? He’s my brother, for f*ck’s sake! How could you say something like that?”

“Since he’s your brother, you guys have come repeatedly to harass him, huh? First your daughter, then you and your son?”

As Stephanie glared with her hands trembling in anger, she finally lost her usual calm.

Taken aback, Joseph did not understand what she said about his daughter.

After thinking about it, he asked tentatively, “Ari came?”

“Drop the act! Ari came over just two days ago.We thought she meant well and simply wanted to visit her uncle, but she ended up ..”

Shedding her tears, she snarled, “Now that the doctor has saved his life, you two have come to claim it.No matter what, I won’t let you guys see him!”

Speechless, Joseph and Damian shared shocked expressions.

Damian recovered sooner.

“Can you please tell us what my sister did? Wasn’t she just visiting? Dad and I are only here to see how Uncle Derrick is doing, and we have no agendas.Besides, my dad isn’t aware that my sister was here.”

Stephanie was doubtful.

“Is that the truth?”

Joseph nodded profusely.

“You also know that many things happened at the company recently, and I’ve been busy.I had no idea that Ari had come here.What did she say?”

Stephanie looked into his eyes as if trying to find out if he was telling the truth.

After a while, she let out a sad sigh and said slowly, “Ari came over and said many things were going on in the company.Then she told Derrick that…Benedict…”

She broke down in tears with a saddened look.

After a moment, she got hold of herself and continued, “Derrick almost died then, and the doctor tried to save him.иσνєℓєвσσк.¢σмEven then, without showing concern for him, Ari asked me at the doorway for his seal, claiming she needed it to run the business on his behalf.Do you swear you’re not here for the same purpose?”

She was right that Joseph had come here for that very same reason, but now that she had said it like that, there was no way he would admit it.

“No, I would never do that!”

He denied it flatly.

“I’m genuinely here to visit Derrick.He’s been unwell for so long, and we’re all worried.Indeed, a lot has happened in the company, but I’ve been working hard to handle them.As for Ari, I had no idea what she did.I never thought she would do anything like that!”

He meant what he said about Arianna, as he was shocked by her actions.

“Okay, I’ve no idea what you and your daughter are up to, but Derrick suffered a huge blow, and the doctor said he needs to rest and not be bothered by anyone.If you truly care about him, don’t return and let him recuperate.”

After a pause, she added, “I don’t know much about the business and can’t do anything about it.When Derrick gets better, I’ll discuss with him to whom he should hand the company.However, before that, I wish for him to rest!”

Joseph grew worried hearing her words and dared not push her further.

“Yes, you’re right.I should have spared more thoughts for him.I’ll go back and find out what happened.Please take good care of him then.”


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