Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 825

Chapter 825

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Joseph and Damian remained silent as they left the hospital.

When Damian got into the car, he began, “Dad…”

“Perhaps what you said is right,” Joseph said in a grave tone.

He had been thinking about everything that had happened with mixed feelings.

Joseph could not deny that what Stephanie told him had disturbed him greatly.He had never thought Arianna would come here and ask for his brother’s seal.

‘Why would she need the seal? She said she wanted to run the business on Derrick’s behalf.

In other words, she wants to take over the company.She promised to take care of her brother and help him run the business.

‘However, she does things differently.I can’t believe that the daughter I’ve raised, the one I thought had been obedient to me, would do such a thing.What else could she have done?’ Damian was surprised by his father’s response and knew he was disappointed.

“Dad, I was right, wasn’t I? It’s not that I’m prejudiced against her, but it’s the other way around! Look, if she could go and ask for Uncle Derrick’s seal behind your back, she could…”

Seeing his father’s upset face, he could not finish the sentence.

Some words could be understood even if left unsaid.

Joseph remained quiet as he drove with a hauntingly gloomy look and later dropped Damian off at the underground garage.

“Get back home and leave this to me.I’ll let you know when I have a plan, okay?”

“All right, Dad.”

At this moment, Damian felt unusually relieved.

Even though the problem was not over yet, he knew his father would not let Arianna off the hook if she were connected to it.иσνєℓєвσσк.¢σмShe would likely be held responsible, and Joseph could solve the incident without his son getting into trouble.

Furthermore, with Arianna out of Damian’s way, he would have no competitors in the company.

Without Arianna, he would be the only heir of the Tanner Family now that Benedict had died.

Who else could Derrick hand the company to besides him? He felt happy just thinking about this.

He did not expect such a simple trip to the hospital to solve his problems.

Damian hummed a tune and gazed at his father as he drove away, not noticing a shadowy figure watching him in the dark.

As he turned to head into the lift, the figure lunged over.

As a towel with a pungent smell was held tightly over his nose and mouth, Damian struggled desperately for a brief moment and stopped moving.

The person later dragged him into a car, which drove off.

Both angry and shocked, Joseph was enraged that his very own daughter had manipulated him.


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