Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 843

Chapter 843

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After all, there was no conclusive evidence. Although the Tanner Corporation put precedence on the case, La Beaute Group was difficult to mess with. Alexander went through the formalities and quickly released Lily on bail.

There was nothing to say along the way, but his face was gloomy. Alexander was furious, and Lily noticed it. It would be better if he had said something, but he did not. It seemed like an enormous storm was brewing.

She took one of his hands lightly and said, “I’m fine.”

Alexander looked at his wife and remained silent. He only turned his hand over and held hers.

“I’m fine. Don’t I look okay? The police only needed me to answer a few questions for the investigation. They don’t have any conclusive evidence and only some speculative insinuations,” she said softly.

“They set up a scheme, but unfortunately, they didn’t do it well. I should have arranged to meet up with Damian earlier so at least it can prove that I may have colluded with him,” she said half- jokingly.

Lily was not nervous about this matter since it had nothing to do with her. After all, the judge would look at the evidence even if she went to court. However, if the others involved delayed this situation, it would affect her progress on Lisa’s perfume.

“How could you joke about this?” Alexander glanced at Lily helplessly, but her smile dissipated his anger. Still, he was furious that these people were courageous enough to set this up and get Lily into trouble. Did they honestly think they could get away with it?

“Isn’t it funny to think about such a botched scheme?” Lily leaned on him, feeling that his anger was no longer as intense,

“However, Damian is missing, and I’m unsure if it was part of their plan.”

Damian was Joseph’s son, so it did not make sense for Joseph to implicate Damian.

Lily’s strongest impression of Damian was when she met him by accident in the hospital that day. He went to look for Naomi but went to the wrong door and found Olivia. It was just a minor encounter, but at that time, it got photographed, and that was one of the photos the officers provided just now.

In other words, someone still secretly followed them that day, and Lily was still unsure who it was. She also thought it was creepy because people followed behind her, like mice in the gutter.

“He’s not the only one missing. The perfumer is missing too,” Alexander said with a sneer.

“Oh? No wonder the police didn’t say anything when I asked about the perfumer involved. In other words, the most crucial witnesses are all missing, so why are the guns pointed at me?” Lily started to feel that someone had schemed against her.

“No one will dare to harm you!” Alexander held his wife tighter, his eyes burning with anger. “Whoever has the guts to lay even a finger on you will pay tenfold! ”

Lily remained silent.


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