Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 844

Chapter 844

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Stephanie was not surprised to see Arianna again. She sighed and said, “Arianna, do you have to do this?”

“Aunt Stephanie, what’s wrong?” Arianna asked with a smile.

“Your uncle may not last for the next few days. Can’t you just wait awhile more?”

“It’s not that I can’t wait, but there are so many things in the company waiting to be decided. It’s difficult for me to do things without proper status.”

She smiled, “Aunt Stephanie, with your and Uncle Derrick’s shares added up, it should be about 55%. It’s useless for you to hold onto the shares anyway. Why don’t you just transfer them to me? I’ll make good use of them!”

“You want control of the company and also our shares? Arianna, when did you become so greedy?”

“Didn’t you just say we’re family? Why are you calling me greedy? If Benedict were still here, I wouldn’t stand a chance! Now that he’s gone, what are you doing with the shares anyway? It’s better to leave it to me, and I can offer you a great retirement plan!”

Arianna was no longer afraid of anything. No one could stop her from climbing up. Not only did she want control of the Tanner Corporation but also the Richards family. She aspired to be the one everyone in Brown City and Ruby City looked up to.

“You…” When it came to Benedict, Stephanie was so angry that she rubbed her chest with one hand and gasped for air.

She was already relatively weak, and since she had been taking care of Derrick recently, she was even more haggard. Arianna was using Benedict’s circumstances to aggravate her.

“Aunt Stephanie, don’t be so angry. It’s not good for your health,” Arianna said as she walked past Stephanie toward the room with the document bag in her hand.

With a smile, she pushed open the room door and said, “Uncle Derrick, I’m here to…” Before she could finish her words, the smile condensed on her face. She did not expect there to be other people in the room.

Mr. Quinn and Mr. Jackson were the two major shareholders of the company. They started the business together with the old chairman. They were quite elderly now and usually would not ask too much about the company. Arianna did not expect to see them there.

Arianna initially did not take them seriously. After all, the company would belong to her as long as she obtained Derrick’s shares, including the private seal and the key to the safe. It did not matter if these two old folks supported it or not.

The appearance of these two older people came as a complete surprise.

“Hello, Mr. Quinn and Mr. Jackson,” she greeted with a smile.

The men nodded slightly, expressionless.

“Uncle Derrick, have you been feeling better in the past two days? What did the doctor say?” She walked over calmly, bending over to face

Derrick with a worried expression.

Derrick turned away, his gaze drifting across her face indifferently. She was not embarrassed and continued to smile, saying, “It appears that you look better than a few days ago. You were drowsy the other day and were asleep most of the time. It’s good that you have visitors here to keep you company.”

Apart from her, no one spoke. She continued,” By the way, why are Mr. Quinn and Mr. Jackson here? I heard that they were busy with matters at home. Who invited them over?

“l invited them,” Standing at the door, Stephanie looked at Arianna and said, “Your uncle’s health is not very good. Some things need to be arranged in advance. In addition to Mr. Quinn and Mr. Jackson, I have also arranged for a lawyer to notarize a will. What else do you want to know?”

Startled for a while, Arianna did not expect her to do this and immediately laughed again, saying, “I have nothing to ask, but since Uncle Derrick is still in good health, why should there be a will? By the way, Benedict also…”

“Arianna!” Stephanie shouted, and her face was stern, “Your uncle is very tired. You should leave.”


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