Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 845

Chapter 845

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After all, these were still two major shareholders, so she could not be too harsh, lest it was bad news.

Stephanie appeared unassuming, so Arianna had no idea she still had such a ruse up her sleeve. Could it be Derrick who arranged it? She glanced at the man lying on the hospital bed, who was not angry at all. How could he still be able to arrange such a thing?

“Arianna, you can go home. We will notarize when the lawyer comes,” Mr. Jackson said.

“You don’t trust us?” Mr. Quinn added on.

“How could that be? Both of you are veterans of the company, and I definitely trust you. It’s just that my uncle has been in poor health recently. The will, I’m afraid…”

Before she could finish her words, Mr. Jackson said, “Don’t worry about that. We’ll have the doctor do a detailed examination to ensure it’s carried out in a conscious condition. Besides, making a will is just in case anything happens. It’ll be best if Mr. Tanner can recover.”

“Yeah, I agree as well!” With a forced smile, Arianna knew there was nothing more she could say, so she could only leave, “Aunt Stephanie, please take good care of Uncle Derrick!” Arianna said meaningfully, but Stephanie gave her an icy smile, not even trying to walk her out the door.

After leaving the hospital, Arianna became angrier the more she thought about it. Initially, she believed that everything was in order and that there was no issue at all. She did not anticipate that something would go wrong at such a crucial moment. What else could happen?

Even if she wanted to bribe them now, it would be challenging. The Tanner Corporation has been getting too much attention recently, and every move attracted the media’s attention. She could not encounter any problems at the moment.

She spent so much thought and laid out such a big plan. Although she believed everything was set up perfectly, there were still a few minor errors. Damian was still nowhere to be found, which made things a little suspicious.

How could her team know nothing about what was happening? Could it be that Damian already went to the heavens, so that’s why no one could find out about his whereabouts? He was an uncontrolled variable that made her feel uneasy.

Sitting in the car and thinking for a while, she took out her phone and made a call.

“Any news on Damian? Not yet?” She grew angrier as she ran her finger through her hair and asked, “Why is it so hard to find out where someone is? What are you guys even doing? I need you to find out where he is, whether he is out of town or out of the country! I need updates!”

She did not even ask them to bring him home. She only wanted to know where Damian went. Was it that difficult? She started the car and drove directly to the hotel after giving it some thought.

Noah intended to remain in the hotel for a considerable time, so he had yet to make plans to purchase a home. Arianna knew where he lived and what room he lived in.

When she went upstairs, she paused, went to the front desk, and instructed, “Please send a bottle of red wine to room 1818.”

She then took the elevator up. No one was in the elevator since it was so high up in the building. She quickly took out the lipstick from her purse, touched up her makeup, and fixed her hair nicely.


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