Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 846

Chapter 846

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She looked in the mirror to see how charming and seductive she was. Just when the elevator reached his floor, she put away her lipstick and walked straight toward the room.

After ringing the doorbell a few times, the door finally opened.

Noah was standing inside, and his hair was still dripping wet. He was wrapped in a large bathrobe, looking like he had just taken a shower.

The dense heat had not completely dissipated, and his jet-black pupils made him look s*xy. Arianna is suddenly a little nervous.

She was very good at planning and had a few ideas in mind, along with the most meticulous planning and preparation, but since she had never done this before, she was still a little anxious.

“Arianna?” Squinting, Noah probably did not expect that he would find her here or at this hour.

“Yes! Hi!” She gave him a friendly smile, extended her hand, and pushed him into the room before she followed him in and shut the door.

“Aren’t you happy to see me?” She sat on the soft sofa and raised her head to look at him. She crossed her legs together, showing her graceful limbs, and said, “I’m so disappointed! I thought you’d be surprised.”

Noah smiled, sat opposite her, and picked a pack of cigarettes off the table. He lit one and said, “You didn’t come here to seduce me, did you?”

“Doi need to do that?” Arianna’s voice was very charming and soft. “Besides, even if that were the case, am I not pretty enough for you?”

After blowing a smoke ring, Noah approached her. Arianna raised her head, trying to make her neck curve as perfectly as possible. Her eyes stared at him with affection.

However, Noah reached out to squeeze her chin and then lifted it. His eyes seemed to be examining her like a product. He looked at it carefully and said, “You’re very beautiful indeed!”

“Of course!” She pursed her lips and was very happy to be praised.

“However, do you think I’ve never seen beautiful women?” He let go, and his expression lacked interest. “Do you think that Kingsland lacks beautiful women?”

Those two questions were quite an insult to Arianna.

She was under the impression that her natural beauty was on par, if not higher, than the beauty of the women working in the entertainment industry. She did not think that there were many daughters of aristocratic families around her who could surpass her beauty. However, in front of Noah, it was not worth mentioning.

“I know there’s certainly no shortage of beautiful women in Kingsland. Still, Noah, is there someone as beautiful and capable as I am?” She said this as she lay on her side, exposing her curves.

She took off her jacket as soon as she entered the door. Only a black dress was underneath, still wrapped around the body. The curvy lines of her body were outlined very clearly when she lay down.

The atmosphere in the room was very sultry. She feels that only a few men could hold it in, and most men would suffer from excitement. Noah stood there, looking down at her with deep eyes.

Just when there was an ambiguous smell in the air, and the temperature slowly rose, the doorbell rang, and the room service came to deliver the wine.


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