Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 847

Chapter 847

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Noah looked at Arianna and asked, “You ordered wine?”

Then he opened the door and took the red wine in.

“You need to have wine to enjoy this beautiful scenery.”

Arianna stood up, took the red wine from Noah, and went to get two glasses.

She opened the wine and poured it as she spoke, “To our strong alliance, cheers!”

Noah held the wine glass and clinked it with Arianna’s, but he did not drink.

Instead, he looked at her lightly.

“When did I agree to join your alliance?”

“What? Didn’t we agree last time? Think about all the benefits I can bring to you!”

After a pause, she sipped the red wine and continued, “As far as I know, although you have a good background, you’re not one of the most favored family members, am I right? “Also, you’ve had arguments with your family about perfumery.Do you honestly want to lose your family’s support and they end up abandoning you?”

Noah looked at her.and his eyes turned deep.

“To be honest, I’ve been a black sheep in my family for a long time too, so I know how it feels.Still, we’re different.No matter how hard I try, they won’t respect me because I’m a woman.Don’t you think it’s funny?”

Arianna did not look at Noah when she said that.Her eyes were on the red wine in the glass.It looked so beautiful as it sloshed around inside the glass, but in the end, it would still end up in someone’s stomach.

“Noah, you’re different.You have the opportunity and the ability.How can you be willing to give someone something that originally belonged to you? It’s supposed to be yours, so why would you give it to someone else?”

While talking, she poured herself another drink and unknowingly drank half the bottle.Her speech gradually became a little more illogical and chaotic.

Noah did not drink much and was paying full attention to her.He felt that Arianna seemed a little different.He wondered if something or someone had aggravated her.

To some extent, he had heard about the Tanner family and even sent someone to investigate Arianna.He knew she was Joseph’s only daughter and the Tanner family’s second child.

However, Joseph had an illegitimate son and wanted to hand the family business to him.

Arianna was not reconciled and wanted to use Noah’s power and background to consolidate her position.

It was a common situation when two wealthy families got entangled in marriage.However, Noah did not like such a scheming woman.

Arianna’s scheming and trickery ran too deep.It would be very tiring to spend a lifetime with such a woman.He would have to constantly keep an eye on whether or not she would plot against him.

‘She might be a good business partner, but it’s better to keep things simple”

Of course, Arianna did not know what he was thinking.She simply listed all the conditions together.

After thinking about it, she felt that Noah was the most suitable candidate for her.He had a good and wealthy family background and was handsome enough.

The only thing was that she never considered whether Noah liked her.

In Arianna’s opinion, liking each other was not so important.She believed that being beneficial to each other would keep their relationship more robust.

Benefits could tie two people together or separate them.Her parents had spent many years together because they benefited from each other.

That was also why Joseph did not file for divorce.So, did it matter whether or not Noah liked her?


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