Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 848

Chapter 848

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Arianna put down the wine glass and stumbled into Noah’s arms.

“Don’t overthink it.You have no better choice than me.The best is in your arms!”

While putting her finger on his nose, Arianna looked at him with a drunken smile.

Holding her loosely with one hand so she would not fall, Noah lowered his head and looked at her.She was indeed beautiful, and he probably could not trust himself alone with her.He noticed her bright red lips getting closer, about to touch him when he suddenly turned to avoid her.

Arianna was stunned.She never thought Noah would avoid her kiss.

Was there truly a man in this world that could resist a beautiful drunk woman in front of them?

“You’re drunk.You should leave,” Noah said.

“Why?” Arianna asked, blinking.

At this moment, he thought she was cute and pitiful.

Noah sighed, raised his glass, and took a few sips of wine, “ You are not suitable for me.”


Arianna frowned and tilted her head.

“You like Lily, don’t you?”

Alexander was still engraved deep in her heart.She used to love him and wanted to marry him.It was hard not to love a man like that, but her plan had failed and almost cost her.

Since then, she had to let him go, put away her fantasies about him, and start looking for other men in the circle.It was challenging for Arianna to find Noah, but he rejected her.

Arianna only felt slapped in the face and gritted her teeth in hatred.She wondered what she lacked compared to Lily and why every man liked her.

Noah kept quiet and was thinking about it.

He was unsure whether or not he liked Lily.

He admitted that he paid much attention to Lily and wanted to overpower her, but did that mean he had feelings for her? That did not seem to be the case.

At least he did not feel jealous when he saw her with Alexander.

However, he was sure he did not have feelings for Arianna.

Even if she leaned in his arms, and he desired her s*xy body, his desires would disappear whenever he thought of being with Arianna over the next few decades.

Since he did not say anything, Arianna naturally did not understand how he felt.She only thought his silence meant he admitted to liking Lily.

After becoming slightly sober, she moved away from Noah’s arms and looked at him with a much colder expression, saying, “Then let me remind you.Lily is very devoted to Alexander.Liking her would just be a waste of your time and efforts.”

“Is the result important?”

Noah raised his eyes to look at Arianna disapprovingly.

“Don’t you think the process is the most exciting?”

‘It seems Noah is determined to get Lily for himself, which means I wasted my time and efforts on him! Most importantly, Noah won’t team up with me to go against Lily”

Arianna had screwed up her own scheme.

“Since you’re making things clear, I’ll leave.”

Arianna flicked her hair, picked up her jacket, and put it on.

Then she put on her belt and continued, “Let me tell you one more thing.Now is the best time if you want her to listen to you and follow your words.

“The Perfumers’ Society was investigating her illegal practices initially, and now the Tanner Corporation is accusing her of adding harmful ingredients to their perfumes.If she doesn’t want to suffer in prison, she will have to ask for help.”


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