Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 849

Chapter 849

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“Are you telling me how to do things?”

Noah turned and glanced at Arianna, sounding unhappy.

“No.It’s just a reminder.”

Arianna smiled, opened the door, and left.

After leaving Noah’s place, Arianna’s heartbeat became increasingly unstable.She thought everything was under her control, but it all went sideways in just two days.She felt she had weaved a web, with her at its center, watching others trap themselves.

However, she slowly discovered she was on someone else’s web instead, ultimately becoming the prey.

‘This can’t be! Something must’ve gone wrong!’ Lily’s luck was in the dumpster for the past few days.

The Tanner Corporation wanted to sue her for colluding with internal staff and tampering with their perfume.

Simultaneously, the Perfumers’ Society seized the opportunity to join in and accused her of illegally practicing perfumery.

With both sides attacking Lily, some of her supportive fans became increasingly suspicious.

Some had turned their backs on her, thinking she was simply trying to gain fame and reputation.

The whole scenario split the netizens in two.

One side believed in Lily, saying she was innocent and could overcome the obstacles.

They believed in her character and ability to create extraordinary perfumes.

On the other, some thought no one would simply set a scheme to frame her.She never acknowledged the certificate issue, so these people wondered if it were true that Lily did not have the proper qualifications.

They also wanted to know if she tampered with the Tanner Corporation’s first-ever perfume.

The more skeptical netizens heard her saying she could add various ingredients to perfumes in a past press conference and wondered if she had done it again.

There were two conflicting sides, but Lily never responded.She seemed busy the past two days and ran in and out of the studio.She had many calls but was unsure why she was so busy.

However, one day, an unexpected guest visited the studio.

It was rare for Noah to see that the door was open, so he walked in without knocking.

The whole yard was full of plants as various scents filled the air.

There were scents of flowers, herbs, and even medicine.It smelled a little weird when the scents mixed.

As a perfumer, even if he had grown accustomed to the strange mixture of scents, each one was different, so he felt a little uncomfortable.

Noah saw Lily behind a wall, cutting grass and putting them in the basket beside her, then reaching for another plant.

She seemed so focused that she did not notice anyone entering until Noah coughed.

Lily paused and turned around.

The sun was too dazzling, so she squinted slightly and looked at him.

“Wow, you seem quite relaxed,”

Noah said, walking under the flower corridor to block the sun.

“You came all this way to tell me a joke?”

Lily lowered her head and continued with her work without looking up.


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