Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 851

Chapter 851

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Noah did not know it then but would soon realize what Lily meant when she said, “I can wait, and you should too.”

Many posts regarding the Perfumers’ Society appeared on the internet overnight.

The contents and titles varied but were mainly about the industry’s inside stories.

Initially, the trending searches over the past two days were about Tanner Corporation’s perfume containing harmful ingredients and Lily getting banned from perfuming.

Since then, posts like “Dark Schemes Within the Industry,”

“Shocking News Concerning Perfumers’ Society,” and so on have appeared and rushed to the top of the trending list.

Although these posts were different and contained all kinds of revelations, everyone knew the leaders in the Perfumers’ Society had feathered their nests and used their power for personal gain.

Since the Perfumers’ Society set the threshold, they could do whatever they wanted, or so they thought.

Most netizens suddenly banded together to boycott the Perfumers’ Society before its members even discovered where these posts came from.

Some of these netizens consisted of high-end perfumers, and even some from Hyderland who were abroad had joined in to boycott the Perfumers’ Society, saying the society’s concept was good at the start but gradually turned disappointing after many years of bureaucratic style.

The Perfumers’ Society eventually became a tool in the hands of people with power as it paved the way for the fragrance industry in Hyderland.

The outraged perfumers also openly discussed the threats, the threshold fees for entry, and the unreasonable treatment they had received from the Perfumers’ Society.

They were robbed of credit and reputation and even forced to follow hidden rules set by their superiors in the society.

Many posts broke out simultaneously, attracting attention and detonating the topic even more.

The Perfumers’ Society was shocked and quickly realized they needed to suppress it.

However, how could they cover up such a trending and controversial topic? Almost all of the Perfumers’ Society’s secrets came out overnight, and there was no time to remove the trending topics.

It was too late to delete so many posts.

The Internet went crazy, and all the netizens were discussing it.

The Perfumers’ Society suddenly turned from a high-ranking organization into a cancerous tumor in the industry that everyone hated.

Noah had been so busy these two days that he could not care about Lily, but he also knew in his heart that it was very likely that she had caused all this.She let the topic out as well as her calmness.

He did not even know when she made such preparations, how she contacted so many people, and how she convinced them to stand with her.

Most importantly, those posts that broke the news were sincere and unfabricated.

Most of it was true.

In addition to being surprised by her ability to collect information, Noah was even more surprised there were so many rotten apples in Perfumers’ Society that he did not notice.

“Yes! I also guessed it might be her, but there is no evidence yet.”

It was Lawrence who called.He was furious that he coughed from time to time due to his anger.

“I’m investigating it and will find the truth.Don’t worry, Mr.Adler.If it’s her, I will make her pay!”

After hanging up the phone, Noah felt very conflicted.

In the past few days, Lily’s voice lingered in his ears.

Ask yourself, why did you join the Perfumers’ Society in the first place? Did you want to be a perfumer or a perfume inspection officer?”

She was right.

Noah was passionate back then, especially when his family opposed him.He even successfully joined the Perfumers’ Society.

Moreover, his greatest affirmation was becoming a member at a young age.

Noah was relatively young and highly talented among the society members.

The higher-ups quickly promoted him because they valued him and his strong background.

When Noah climbed the ladder and got the management position, he seldom made perfumes anymore, as his apprentices did most of the work.

His daily life started consisting of attending meetings and going to more meetings.


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