Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 852

Chapter 852

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Noah often stayed in hotels, drinking, smoking, and smelling various perfumes and powders.It naturally ruined his sense of smell.

Moreover, he had done many things besides perfumery over the past few years.He realized the Perfumers’ Society might have gone off course when he saw those posts on the internet that were solely criticisms and accusations.

Also, they had not made any great perfumes in the past two years, as most were mediocre.

After some thought, he realized he felt moved and genuinely agreed with Lily.He asked himself, “Is this the grand occasion, the outcome I wanted?”

But no matter what, as long as he was still a member of the Perfumers’ Society, he must shoulder his responsibilities and not allow anything to tarnish the society’s image.He calmed down and sat in front of the computer.

After opening Twitter, he thought about it and drafted a statement.

The statement mainly emphasized that someone had intended to frame the Perfumers’ Society.

They would take legal action to protect themselves and defend their rights.

They would also send a lawyer’s letter to sue the relevant people and posts related to the framing.

After writing the statement and correcting typos, Noah sent an email to someone in Kingsland and told them to print it out with an official stamp and scan it for him.

It took a lot of time after all this back and forth.

Noah was about to upload the statement with his finger on the enter key when he paused and thought of something.

Afterward, he exited the page and looked at the current situation.

Noah was stunned by what he saw.

His fingers froze as he sweated nervously.

Twitter had almost crashed in just a few hours.

The search function was not working, and it was almost impossible for him to log in.

After numerous attempts, he finally logged in and was stunned by the keywords he saw.

“Lawrence Adler.”

“President of the Perfumers’ Society.”

“Has lost his sense of smell.”

Every word was shocking.

Noah clicked into the post with trembling fingers as he saw the detailed content inside.He roughly glanced at it and saw that Lawrence Adler, the current president of the Perfumers’ Society as a highly respected and professional perfume referee, had lost his sense of smell a few years ago.

He could not even differentiate what smelled good or bad, let alone distinguish the fragrance of each perfume.

How could a person without a sense of smell be a professional referee for perfume appraisals or become the president of the Perfumers’ Society? Moreover, Lawrence had hosted several competitions on perfumery over the past few years.

‘If he lost his sense of smell, wouldn’t those competitions be pointless?’ These topics were trending immediately.

Besides the netizens, some participants in the competition appeared and complained about their elimination back then, which had a tremendous social impact on them.


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