Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 854

Chapter 854

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“It’s me, Noah.”

He straightforwardly introduced himself.

“Mr.Richards.What’s the matter?”

Lily asked monotonously.

“Why ask when you know the reason I’m calling? Were you responsible for those posts about the Perfumers’ Society?”

He did not want to beat around the bush.

After all, there was no point in doing so, as both knew the situation’s ins and outs.

Lily smiled, “Are you questioning me? In what capacity are you questioning me? Are you questioning me as the vice president of the Perfumers’ Society?”

“It doesn’t matter what my status is.You dared to do it but dare not admit it?”

Noah held the phone slightly further and pressed the record button.

“Did I refuse to admit it or say I was the one who did it?”

Lily chuckled, “I also read the posts about your society on the Internet.The contents are indeed surprising, and I am curious.Therefore, I want to ask you, Mr.Richards, if the contents are true.You are the society’s vice president, so you should know these things best, right?”

“Of course, it’s all fake!” Noah said without hesitation.

How could he possibly admit such a thing? Not to mention he was recording the conversation.

“Obviously, someone made up that nonsense with bad intentions.You were the one who hired someone to fabricate the content and post it.Am I right, Lily? “Mr.Richards, I don’t know whether or not someone had fabricated all of this, but I can assure you I didn’t do it.I’m equally curious as the other netizens.Even I want to know if Mr.Adler has indeed lost his sense of smell.”

Noah felt like someone, or something was choking his neck, and he could hardly breathe.


Noah heard the phone hang up and felt a tightness in his chest.It seemed he could not easily trick someone like Lily and had wasted the effort to record their conversation.It was all pointless in the end.

Meanwhile, Lily checked the time after hanging up the call.

Afterward, she walked toward the experimental equipment to check on the raw materials that were being distilled and separated.

Then she recorded the changes in shape and data.She was still experimenting.

This perfume’s progress had gotten delayed because she needed to cooperate with the police investigation.

She did not have to stay at the station because of Alexander’s bail, but she still needed to be ready for questions at any time.

The police had not made any progress, and the matter remained the same even after countless rounds of questioning.

There was no further evidence and any witnesses found.

The police had filed the case but could not conclude it even after spending much time and effort on it.

Fortunately, Tanner Corporation’s side had calmed down and did not put further pressure on them.

There was no conclusion whether the issue regarding the perfume was Tanner Corporation’s internal problem or sabotaged by their employees with an external party.

The debate on this controversial matter was endless.

The Tanner Corporation also withdrew its perfumes from the market and suffered a significant loss.

They had paid considerable amounts of compensation with an added public apology.

Lily had sold a variety of perfumes in large quantities for many years, but there were never problems with them.

So far, only the Tanner Corporation’s perfumes have been defective.

It was hard to say if it had anything to do with Lily, but the impact on her was insignificant.

Moreover, she had left La Beauté Group, so the controversy should not have impacted them or Rebirth.

She also did not have any new orders.

Therefore, the turmoil did not impact her much.

“I’m pleased about your decision to resign.You’re very wise!”

Olivia took off her mask and said while washing her hands, “Otherwise, I’m afraid the company would be under a lot of pressure, which would pressure you too.Also, you wouldn’t have been as free as you are now.”

That was the benefit of Lily having her own studio.It might be challenging and needed more hard work, but she was her own boss.

Since that was the case, Lily did not need to consider other people and had a relatively higher degree of freedom.

“More like you’re glad you’ve resigned and have more freedom, right?”

Lily glanced at Olivia and said half- jokingly, exaggerating the word “you’ve.”

It might have been a joke, but it was also the truth.

Olivia did have more freedom here.

Also, she could still work with


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