Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 856

Chapter 856

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The driver’s seat was empty, and Alexander was nowhere around. Lily suddenly felt a little flustered and sat upright to look around. She saw him not too far in front of her and felt relieved. Alexander was on the phone, and she could see his side profile.

He stood there with his tall, slender figure, looking focused, but his side profile was desirable. It was unknown when he had occupied Lily’s heart little by little. She thought she would not believe in love anymore after her experience with Nathaniel.

Even if she did fall in love, she could not love someone deeply. She now knew how wrong she was. Not only did she fall in love, but she loved Alexander unconditionally because he was worth it.

Alexander felt her burning gaze and turned around. His cold eyes turned gentle when he saw her. Lily smiled at him and got out of the car. He had ended the phone call by the time she approached him.

Lily did not know who he was talking to, but she could deduce that it was an unpleasant call. However, that did not matter, as the couple had received plenty of unpleasant calls recently. She hugged his arm, asking, ’ Why didn’t you wake me up? Did I sleep for a long time?”

“Were you planning on not sleeping if I didn’t go to the studio to pick you up? Go and wash your face. I’ve already ordered something to eat, so it should arrive soon. Eat first before you continue your sleep.” Alexander reprimanded her, but she could see the tenderness in his eyes.

“Okay.” Lily nodded obediently.

She washed her face and came out. Sure enough, the food arrived not long after. Alexander ordered it from her favorite restaurant. He was being thoughtful as he considered her condition and thought she might have felt too tired to eat out.

The couple sat facing each other with several plates of food in front of them. Lily picked up the cutlery and said, “You ordered so much. It would be a waste if we can’t finish it all!”

“If you’re worried, you should eat more, and then it wouldn’t be a waste if you finished everything.”

“Are you kidding me?! This much is enough for me to eat for a whole day. I’m not a pig!” Lily said with puffed cheeks.

Indeed, she did not eat like a pig but more like a little hamster hiding her food in her cheeks. Alexander smiled and said,

“Perhaps, there are other ways to finish the food.”

“What way?” She asked casually. Even though she said there were too many dishes, she could not stop eating. The food from this restaurant was delicious and matched her taste, after all.

“Consider having a child to share the food with?”

“Pfft…” Lily almost spat out a mouthful of soup and coughed repeatedly.

‘He wants a child just to help US finish our food?! What a lame excuse’ Lily rolled her eyes at him. Since their previous misunderstanding about her pregnancy, Alexander could not stop thinking about it.

“It’s a troubling time now. Are you sure it’s appropriate to have a baby at this time?” She answered unhurriedly.

Alexander put down his cutlery and wiped his mouth slowly. “Troubling times are not limited to only now. Whether it is suitable or not is irrelevant to the date. Instead, it’s on… you.”

Lily involuntarily blushed when she heard his straightforward words and saw his fiery eyes.

“I…” Just as she was about to respond, the phone rang.


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