Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 860

Chapter 860

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Arianna’s words were harsh but true. The Richards family’s complexity was beyond ordinary people’s imagination. It was especially so since so many descendants and people of several generations lived under the same roof. Everyone framed and tricked each other ta compete for the family’s properties and businesses.

Noah was not interested in the family business and would never give up what belonged to him. He disregarded his family’s opposition and climbed to his current position in the Perfumers: Society as a way out of the sinkhole.

The Richards family looked down on perfumers, but he believed the industry would become prosperous and vibrant as long as it developed well. Still, the industry had yet to develop to its full potential within the country.

Noah was the Perfumers’ Society’s vice president and could become its president in two years. By then, he would become the industry’s leader, and it would not be difficult for him ta do business or other things with so many underlings.

The most crucial point was that he could connect with some bigwigs in the political world through the Perfumers’ Society. That was significantly beneficial to himself and the Richards family.

Members of the Richards family did not understand his intention and thought he was wasting his life by obsessing over women’s beauty products.

What a joke. How could the family understand Noah’s ambitions? it’s my turn to ask the questions. What benefits can you bring me if I cooperate with you?” All along, they only talked about the benefits he could bring her, but what about the benefits she could bring him?

Arianna was delighted when she heard his questions as he expressed his intention to cooperate. “Well, that’s obvious. I can obtain the Tanner Corporation with the Richards family’s influence if we’re together. After that, so will you, my most substantial support and husband. There’s nothing we can’t do if we join forces.”

Noah frowned and considered Arianna’s words, no longer refusing like before. Frankly speaking, her suggestion was tempting.

Arianna continued, “I’m confident I can make the Tanner Corporation even bigger. By then. I can clear the scandals and use this to eliminate Lily from the industry. We can make her disappear if you never want ta see her again.

“If you want to use her, I will beg for your help when she’s desperate. I will respect and not stop you. no matter what you decide. What do you think, Noah?”

Arianna patted Noah’s chest. Her voice was coy, and she looked at him seductively. Her words seemed infused with magical powers, making him unable to refuse.

Noah raised his hand and hesitated before taking her hand. He did not shake her off. Instead. he pulled her into his arms. It caught Arianna off guard as she fell into his arms. Then she snuggled clase to him, raised her head shyly. and slowly closed her eyes.

Noah hesitated a moment before lowering his head and kissing her beautiful but dangerous red lips.


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